Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chritstmas #3

We finally had Christmas #3 on the Wednesday after Christmas! We traveled to San Antonio on Tuesday evening after a short stop in San Angelo (that is another blog to come)! As a matter of fact we made so many stops on our Christmas journey that when we went to leave my parents house Kaden asked...well mom what is our next stop?

I wonder if this is what the wise men felt like when they made the journey to see the Christ child so many years ago?

My sister, my mom, and I stayed up late on Tuesday preparing cinnamon rolls, and breakfast casseroles, and making sure that everything was set to go for "Christmas" morning! I love the special times with my mom and my sister when we don't have a lot of is so fun to laugh with the people you love.
(I told you I am from a family of foodies...when we eat, we eat good!)

It was a wonderful morning filled with love and laughter.

Baby Addy seemed to enjoy her first Christmas!

Gabby and the K-crew had blast opening gifts and then playing all day.

It was a beautiful lazy day that ended with some great steaks and even a late night date for Nathan and I!

So thankful for this Christmas day...or week! What a blessing to be able to spend it will all of our family!

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