Monday, January 17, 2011

Counting them up...

I cannot begin to express the blessing that reading this blog, a holy experience, has been to me in the last few months. Ann's writing is so honest, so genuine, and yet so challenging. I find myself drawn to the feet of Jesus every time I visit her blog with it's quite background and soothing music.
This gratitude journey that she has introduced into my life has already begun to change my heart, my attitude, my family. I am so grateful for this counting of all of His blessings.

0057. laughing with sweet girlfriends

0058. watching a life be transformed...God is doing great things in you Cassie!

0059. a preacher who preaches the WORD and not just want we want to hear

0060. that preacher is my husband

0061. we are His workmanship created to do His good works

0062. a husband who is willing to travel across the world to tell others about Jesus and encourage and refresh the hearts of missionaries

0063. a little boy's excitement over his first lose tooth and learning to tie his shoes.

0064. His promise that His word will not return void

So many things to be thankful for on this rainy Monday!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Jenna, I just joined up with this web-site, thanks to you! I joined with the e-mail version and just read it! It is awesome! I cannot describe it what these stories do to my spirit, I just know that it moves me so! and one thing I need to ask please be in prayer this afternoon for Bryan! he is as we speak on his way to Tyler for a CT scan on his lung. Last wk. when He had a chest X-ray, they said he needed a follow up ct scan do to a "Noduale" looking thing! He is really scared! Please lift him and report up high! for us!! Love and sweet blessings to you! If you need me for anything while Nathan is gone you call me!!

Flo said...

I've started my own gratitude journal....on #69. It DOES start your day out with a renewed mind. I like it - thanks for sharing!

BeechemBrightSpots said...

OK, that video was so convicting...I ordered a book too. I have had a gratitude journal for several years but I haven't written as a sum total like this...maybe it's time to change & start something new. :) Maybe it will transform my life. And I can start appreciating the moments that we have. :)