Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And now...the DONUT slayer!

Our great friends, the Hinotes, told us about a yummy donut shop in Round Rock. But Round Rock Donuts is not your typical donut shop. Not only are their donuts slightly orange in color, but they also have a 5 POUND donut. Yes, a donut that weighs 5 pounds.

While I am not a huge donut fan, the 4 guys in my life would eat them for EVERY meal if it were allowed. In fact, Kolson already knows how to say donut and crys when we walk by them in Wal-mart.

And while I am spilling the beans I guess I will confess that I almost always bribe my children to be quite and listen while we are in Wal-mart by giving them a donut to eat as we go through the store...the shame...I know. (And yes, I do pay for them when we get to the front)

So I am sure it will not surprise you that we ventured off of I35 on our way home from San Antonio to experience the 5lb donut for ourselves.

Here it is in all it's beauty...half chocolate/half glazed

Kaden was so excited he could hardly wait

The down side to Round Rock Donuts...there is nowhere to sit inside. They have a few tables outside...but it was freezing. The cold was no match for my donut lovers. Although they did shovel it in pretty quickly!:)

When we got back to the car Kaden proudly declared..."Daddy, I can be the deer slayer, but YOU are the donut slayer!"

Fun Memories!


Kathryn said...

OH MY GOSH! That is huge!

Loren said...

Omg!!! That is sooo cute " daddy the donut slayer!"
I can't imagine eating that whole thing!!!! Wow