Saturday, January 29, 2011

Godstop #1...

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to lead worship for a ladies retreat at Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin! It just so happens to be the church where my college roommate and her husband serve on staff! The weekend was great as well as the company! Thank you Rhonda, Wes, Cadence and Kylie for opening up your home to me!

I had a great time leading worship and singing with the awesome band that Wes put together for the weekend.

One of my favorite things about this retreat were the e-mail testimonies. For 10 days they e-mailed testimonies by real women about the real things God had done in their lives. We received some before, during, and after the retreat. There were testimonies from women who had lost children, or were struggling with illness, testimonies of women who had tried to be perfect or of families who were torn apart through sin or homosexuality. They were real and they were so encouraging.

On Tuesday after the retreat I was slated to do a high school chapel at my home church's private school. If you know me at all you know that teenagers make me super nervous...for some reason they make me feel like a huge dork and I always end up saying stupid stuff!! But, alas I made it through and was even able to encourage them and talk to them afterwards...hopefully I didn't say anything too stupid!!:)

I left the chapel to meet my sister for lunch! What a blessing to have a sister who is my friend! We enjoyed our lunch and as I was leaving I received a call from the private school requesting that I bring some more CDs by.

On my way to the school I received another testimony from the retreat. It happened to be from Rhonda(praise the Lord for e-mail on my phone). She talked about trying to be all things for all people and how that led to depression and unhappiness. She even attempted suicide and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. She ended her testimony by talking about how God had delivered her from that time and made her new. It was inspiring and reminded me how much I love my sweet friend.

(I know this is long but it does have a really cool "Godspot" ending!)

I arrived at the school with the CDs and was met by aunt who teaches at the school. She introduced me to a young 7th grade girl who I will call "J". My aunt told me that "J" really needed to talk to me. Of course I was so nervous but thought maybe she wanted to talk to me about singing or adoption and I could handle that right??

Immediately "J" began telling me her story. It was one of heart break, disappointment, and really it was just plain unfair. She began to tell me about her old habit of "cutting" and how she wanted to do it again and that she had even been considering suicide that very night.

Talk about a shocker...what was I supposed to say? I will confess that I even thought about telling my aunt that I didn't have time for this...I needed to get back and start heading home. But I remembered Rhonda's testimony from moments earlier (what timing does our awesome God have)!

My aunt and I were able to counsel with "J" and remind her of God's promise of great plans for her. We were able to encourage her and let her know that God redeems the broken places and makes the ugly stories in life beautiful. There were tons of things we could have said but we said His word, we repeated verses from His scripture. I prayed over "J" and I left still uncertain of her future.

Two days ago I got word that sweet "J" is doing much better and is getting some help!

I love that God plans every last detail...He knew that I would need Rhonda's testimony at just that time so I could encourage "J". I love that He works through us and gives us the words when we have no idea what to say. I love that His word does not return void and that if we are faithful to share His word He will use it.

Would you remember to pray for "J"...she is a BEAUTIFUL young girl and I just know that God has some great plans for her life. And remember that things aren't always as they appear. On the outside "J" looked like any other happy jr. high one ever would have guessed all the heart that was buried in her heart.

On the lookout for more "Godstops"...


Stacy said...

Great post Jenna! I loved this, just love hearing about these moments when God's timing is seen. I'll put that sweet young lady on my prayer list, that is such a real problem in JH's all over. Thanks so much for sharing!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! jenna, I just knew God would see you through! And just look at all the things He had lined up for you to do! and the Aunt calling for more CD's was God's timing for he was already there! Love It! A very inspiring story, and helps with just "Trust" all the More!

Brandi Hanes said...

Wow! I love the idea of God stopping us, to reveal himself through us! I have been very emotional about "life" lately...I needed these words! Love you sweet friend!

Kimberly said...

Thank you for sharing this! I will definitely pray for "J" and give thanks that God orchestrated the entire situation. You are a true inspiration and thank you for taking the time out to do God's work.