Sunday, January 9, 2011


I knew in 8th grade that I would grow up and marry a minister. I was totally prepared to marry a youth minister and felt confident that I could handle the position of youth minister's wife. So, it was no surprise, when I met and fell in love with Nathan, that God was calling him to youth ministry. We had a blast serving the students together. I had our cute little life all planned out. And although any ministry position is difficult, I really thought I had every thing under control!!

God had other plans...

After several years in the youth ministry, Nathan felt a strong calling from the Lord to enter the pastoral ministry. YIKES is all that I could think!

Thank goodness we serve a God who loves to work through us and do the things we think are impossible! I felt inadequate of this new calling. After all, I don't play the piano, or teach Sunday School, and up until the last couple years I have always hated sitting on the front row!:) I was afraid my clothes were not right and that I didn't have enough scripture memorized. I even tried to convince Nathan that God might be calling him to be an associate pastor first.

I am so thankful I have a husband who listens to the Lord and follows His leadership even when his wife tries to drag her feet a bit!

So for almost 6 years now I have been "the preacher's wife". I am blessed and humbled that God has allowed me to serve in His church and that he has given me such a wonderful husband to serve alongside.

It is just like God to give us His best for what we thought was better!

Our kiddos on the other hand didn't really have a choice. They are preacher's kids, or P.K.s as some like to call them, sort of by default. And like everything there are pros and cons.

Like, not being able to get away with anything because someone is always watching and everyone knows where to find your parents!!;)
Or the fact that our kiddos are at the church every time the doors are open and sometimes even when they are not!

But really the pros far out weigh the cons!
Our boys are constantly showered with love. We have so many members who are committed to praying not only for Nathan but also for our boys. Karter is a walking testimony of what a praying church can do. Kaden, Karter, and Kolson are loved by the nursery workers and I am always blessed by the those three ladies spoil our K-crew and take such great care of them. Kaden and Karter have at least 3 ladies who always gum, mints, or candy on hand just to give to them. We have sweet church members who volunteer to watch our boys and give us a night out every once in a while.
It is difficult not living close to family but I know my boys feel they have several sets of adopted grandparents and aunts and uncles in our church.

We experienced that sweet love first hand today when a sweet family handed me a bag full of Christmas goodies for the boys! They weren't just any gifts...they were gifts that this family knew our boys would love!

Our little P.K.s were in heaven with their new gifts...

We are truly blessed to serve the Lord in His ministry and to serve with such wonderful people.

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Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! jenna, ok, I teared up:( this was such a sweet post! when you memtioned that Kolson always dunked yourr cell phone, I knew that little gift was for him, and I knew Karter, loved the Toy Story gang! for the life of me I could not find that Woody in that size, and when I saw that tent, I loved the little size and just knew it really looked like Kaden, but knew they would all love it, this is so cute! and you my friend are sooooo Blessed to be a Preacher's wife! You perfectly fit the pattern, all of you were made to be together!! Love and adore all of you!