Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Just call me deer slayer..."

During our Christmas week (as I am calling it) we saw a lot of this...

So that the guys could do some of this...

My dad has a deer lease outside San Angelo and invited Nathan and Kaden out for a hunt. So we stopped off at my Grandma's house in San Angelo and my two big boys went to make some memories!

Kaden was so excited to take his brand new BB gun and test it out (not on the deer...he shot a bird with it)!

Nathan shot a deer with Kaden for the fisrt time!

I have never seen a daddy and son more excited!

In fact Kaden told us that we could just call him the "deer slayer"...looks like we have many more seasons of deer hunting in our future!

What fun my boys and their daddy will have in the years to come!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Wow! Kaden ,good job! You looked so handsom all decked out in your hunting gear! Loved that shot!! Way to go!

Nathan said...


let this be a public invitation for you to join on on any deer hunt in the future :) You can make memories with us!

Loren said...

Oh I love seeing Father and Son go out and spend time together :) My son and husband go hunting and man they come back beaming! Making memories and bonding is sooo good for the whole family isn't it :)

p.s. your question about books from Francine....
Leota's Garden
The Scarlet Thread
The Atonement Child
Those are all really good. Another book I recommend is called Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes!!

Francine is amazing isn't she! She has two new ones out that are a series
Her Mother's Hope and Her Daughters Dream.
I haven't read either one yet but I cannot wait til I can!

Love and Hugs :)