Sunday, January 2, 2011


It was such an honor to sing on the first Sunday of the New Year this morning at our church. How exciting it is to bring in the New Year, a clean slate, a fresh canvas, another opportunity to stand back and watch God in all His wonder work all of the details together.

For this day Nathan and I felt truly drawn by the Lord to a song by Selah called "Unredeemed". The song has grabbed our hearts and will not let go.

I love these words:
"Life breaks and falls apart, but we know these are places where Grace is...soon to be so amazing. They may be unfulfilled, they may be unrestored but when anything that is shattered is layed before the Lord...IT WILL NOT BE UNREDEEMED."

I almost want to shout after I read those words. No matter what has happened, or is happening I can trust that at some point my God, the God who created me, who chose me as His own, and who loved me enough to send His son for me will redeem the broken places.

It almost makes me want to pray that the Lord will break more places in my life just so I can see how He redeems them.

These are not just words to me. I have experienced this redeeming power in very real ways in my own life.

Without a doubt the biggest story of redemption for me is the redemption of my very life. You see God sent His own son to redeem me. Apart from Him there is no good in me, I am just another girl striving to do on my own what I cannot do. It is only through the life that Jesus gave for me that I am redeemed and set free from the striving. I cannot save myself, I can never be good enough, I can never give enough...I can only trust in Him and His redeeming power. So I trust in Him and I know that He has redeemed me and I will spend eternity with Him.

God could have stopped right there. The redemption of my life is far more than I deserve and everything I really need.

But He doesn't stop there. He is a great God who loves to lavish us with His love and promises to make all things new.

My life and dreams where shattered when we lost Konner and the next two precious babies. I wasn't sure where to go or what to do. And then He stepped in and started the redeeming process. He showed Himself to me in ways He never had before and I began to know Him like I hadn't known Him before. I finally understood what joy in the midst of pain was. And that right there would have been enough...just to know Him more. But He didn't stop there...He gave us a precious miracle boy named Karter. I call our sweet red head a walking testimony of the power of prayer.

And the redeeming continued when God surprised us with Kolson. I thought it would end there. 2 precious miracles and the awesomeness of knowing Him more was more than I could have asked for.

But He didn't stop there God has blessed us with the calling and opportunity to adopt. Another precious miracle (or 2) to add to our family. Another chance to know Him more and to trust His leading in our lives.

I am so thankful for a redeeming God!

What is your redemption story?

Click here to view a video of "Unredeemed".


Nana's Nuggets said...

Jenna, wow! loved this song, I know it made me tear Up! Beautiful, with a beautiful meaning! I have so enjoyed your pics of family. I am so excited for you for the coming year and just watch what He has already prepared for you and your family. Love you all so much~ and Pray that your Blessings will be in abundance. Wait and Watch~ for He is already there!

Loren said...

I noticed your name and had to come over to meet you. I have a Jenna ~ My 18yr. old who is about to graduate and take off for college....sniff sniff. She has already shared her heart for adoption as well (someday when she is married LOL) Isn't that funny! I look forward to knowing you! You have a Beautiful Family!

I am so thankful for a Redeeming God as well!

Bless you!
Come over and say hi!