Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Happy Hinotes!!

Right before Christmas my college roommate and her family came to visit! The Hinotes are such a fun family! They love the Lord, stick to their convictions and they love to laugh!

Picture this...4 adults with 5 kids...doesn't sound too bad until you realize that 4 of them are 3 and under and 3 of them are still dealing with potty training and diapers!:) Really, the kids were great. We made through a dinner out with some other friends and their daughter, a trip to the zoo, and a REALLY LONG stay at the McDonalds playground (thanks Nate)!

Some pictures from the zoo...

Pretending to be Rhinos

It was such a fun visit. We ate and hung out, watched a movie (no comments, Wes), and just enjoyed spending time together.

Nathan and I really loved getting to see what little girls were like. Cadence and Kylie are just too cute!

I absolutely love Rhonda and I am so thankful for her friendship. She was the perfect roommate! I was a little quiet and nervous about meeting new people, Rhonda is bubbly outgoing and has never met a stranger. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and we made some of the best friends while we were in college. Our freshman year was so fun (I have lots of silly pictures to prove it). One of the best things I remember was how we encouraged one another to have our quiet times and to grow in the Lord. Today, Rhonda is also married to a minister and we still find ourselves encouraging one another and lifting each other up through the hard times!


Loren said...

What a gift it is to have a friend like Rhonda! I know how vital it is for PW to have other PW's to confide in & encourage one another! Looks like a wonderful time for all of you :)

Hey! Wanted to let you know I have a book blog where I review books. I can tell you that before I began reviewing I had ONLY read Francine Rivers & Karen Kingsbury. It has been soooo AWESOME to find some wonderful authors and books!! I was sooo sheltered in my reading :) check it out if u want

Bobi Ann Allen said...

How fun!! You two are precious! I'd love to see both of you!