Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A look at 3 months..

Kolson is now 3 months old! The last couple weeks he has really changed a lot. He is smiling and cooing and loves to stare at his hands. He is starting to notice his brothers and he has really gotten that "baby" look. His eyes are still bright blue...I guess time will tell if they will stay that way. We have really been blessed with a great baby! He just rolls with this crazy lifestyle we have.
Here is our little monkey...

Kolson enjoyed watching his brothers make their lunch today!People always ask...Does he look like Kaden or Karter? What do you think? Here are our other little monkeys at 3 months.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monkey See...Monkey Do!

Last night we took a family walk over to the Massingill's house. When we went to leave, their sweet little boy Austin showed us that he had learned to ride his bike without training wheels this week! Kaden was very impressed. As soon as we got home he got out his little bike that doesn't have training wheels on and him and Nathan got to work. They started on the grass in the backyard and then moved to the street. We are still working on turning and how to use the breaks but all in all Kaden did great for his first ride! Thanks for the inspiration Austin!:)

Go Kaden Go!

On the road...he did great! I love seeing him and Nathan together!

Karter couldn't miss out on the fun...he tried to master the scooter!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Because he is just so cute...

And in desperate need of a hair cut!=)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Breaking the rules...

The instructions for the jumperoo say to wait until Kolson is 4 months old but...I thought he might be tired of always having to lay back in a bouncy seat so we gave it a try today! He LOVED it. Even though his feet can't touch the ground he loved just hanging out looking at the lights and watching the boys play blocks.
Here he is enjoying the lights! I love that he smiles now and Nathan even got a little giggle out of him last night! Why is it that I change the diapers, get up at night, and make the bottles but Daddy gets the first laugh?:)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Nope...not another day to myself. These were two of the longest hours of my life today! I decided that it would work out great to schedule my youngest 2 k-crew members for a doctor's appointment on the same day at the same time. You know...kill 2 birds with one stone. Can I just tell you that it was CRAZY! Luckily my sweet husband was able to keep Kaden with him so it was just me and the little guys.
Karter has been through a lot in his short 22 months on this ICU stay, tubes, the oxygen tint, and just the misery of not being able to breath has plagued him since day one. Because of this Doctors are just not his favorite people in the world. He started screaming the minute we walked in the door until we left two hours later.
Kolson did great...he is growing like crazy and right on track...although it was hard to figure out how to feed him with a screaming Karty.
So... two hours, 5 shots, and a few prescriptions later we made it...we survived. However, we did leave with the news that Karter is going to need ANOTHER set of tubes! Please pray for our sweet middle boy. He had a scary reaction to the meds last time.
Jillian from The 30 day Shred may not agree but felt like I earned the coke I treated myself to after that kind of morning!:)

I'll leave you with a few pictures of our almost 12 pound little guy...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Food Network Here We Come

Lately I have been inspired by several blogs and the creative ideas they have for teaching their kiddos at home. Today Kaden and I embarked on fun art project while Karter was napping. We gathered the grocery store adds and started making meals with them by cutting out items and gluing them to plates.
Kaden had so much fun we ended up making 5 for each meal or the day plus a snack plate and a plate for a dog that we used to have. We had fun sorting the items we cut out on to the right plates and then making a place mat for each plate. When we were all finished Kaden lined the plates up in correct order and took his own picture of them.

Now there are 5 plates hanging on my frig.

Kolson enjoyed watching all the fun

Rub-a-Dub now there are 3 boys in the tub!!

I couldn't resist showing off the first triple boy bath night! Kolson loves to watch the big boys and really enjoyed sitting in the tub with them...until Karter started splashing that is!

If you're gonna bathe one boy why not all three boys?

Three soapy heads!

Pizza Mia

Yesterday three of my favorite girlfriends came over with their kiddos. Altogether we had 4 moms and 9 kids! Although we adults were WAY out numbered we had a blast. We made pizzas with the kids and just had a good time visiting.
It is days like that when I am reminded how thankful I am to be here and to be a part of FBC Malakoff. Not only is it a church that is committed to reaching the lost at any cost, it also a place where people are real. Our life group is full of other parents who not only strive to live a life that pleases the Lord but also face the daily struggles of parenting! It may sound silly but I always dreamed of being in a place like this. A place where our kids can grow up playing together, a place where we can share in our struggles...offering encouragement and prayers and laughter and just good old friendship!
In all of the craziness of 9 kiddos making pizzas I was able to snag a few pictures!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Reason #2

When I first started blogging I wrote a post with a list of the reasons why I DON'T have it all together (click here to see the original post). Reason #2...Here they are Thank You notes to all of the people who brought meals and gifts when Kolson was born (over 2 months ago). Once again they are written but not mailed. I guess the old saying is true...Old habits die hard. Well I am putting this habit to rest soon as I hit post I am going for the directory to address these things and get them in the mail once and for all!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Those are the hours of freedom my sweet husband gave me today! I love my job as a mom...I love that I am there when they wake and when they go to sleep and that I get to spend all of the moments in between with my sweet little "k-crew". I love playing play dough with Kaden while the other boys nap, or singing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes with Karter. I even love snuggling up with Kolson in the wee hours of the morning. However, every mom needs a little "me time" here and there.
So...what did I do with my 4 hours?
I got a pedicure with the gift card the boys got me for Mother's Day

Stopped for a caffeine fix of the best kind!

Stocked up on Art Supplies at Dollar Tree for some fun pre-K art projects this year!And last but not least...I stepped into the 21st century by purchasing an ipod with some gift cards I received from the Athens Baseball Association (thanks again guys)! Now I can listen to "mommy music" while the boys enjoying watching Bolt for the 100th time on long trips!

Now I can go back to my day job refreshed and ready to go ! Thanks Babe!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beat the Heat

There is no doubt that this summer has been VERY HOT! Luckily the Lord has blessed us with some much needed rain lately...but before the rain the boys and I found a few ways to "beat the heat"!
We found this idea on the no time for flash cards blog. I write out letters for Kaden and then when I call out a sound or the letter name he has to find it, squirt it, and tell me something that starts with that letter. He loves the game and it is a great way to get some letter skills in while having fun.

Karter enjoyed washing my car! It was fun for the boys and my car looked better than it has in a long time...thanks boys!

When all else fails Wii it up! Kolson enjoys watching the boys box. Actually Kaden boxes and Karter pretends. =)

And yes Karter does have on undies in this picture...we are slowing trying to work on the idea of potty training. Kaden was trained by his second birthday so I am keeping my fingers crossed that Karter will follow in his footsteps. To be honest it doesn't look all that promising right now. =(