Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obstacle course...

I adore this weather we are having...the promise of spring just around the corner. The boys and I have so enjoyed jumping on the trampoline, swinging, playing basketball, and riding bikes. Saturday evening was one of those nights I hope I always remember...all five of us just playing together in the yard. The smell of sweaty little boys, the sound of sweet laughter, watching little feet run as fast as they can. The simple moments, the moments that make up life, the moments I want to take time to treasure.

But...last week before all of this warm weather, the sun was shining but it was still a little chilly. To stay warm while we played outside the boys and I decided to make our own obstacle course. Once again it was just a sweet moment. I am not sure I have laughed that hard in months.

Under the swing set...

Up the ladder...

Down the slide...

Under the trampoline (this is where they got me...I was in the lead until this part and they just whizzed right by)...

Over the table...

I hope my boys always remember that Jesus has the power to overcome any obstacle just like they did in our little race. I pray that they will trust Him and cling to Him even when things are tough. I pray that like our little game they will be able to laugh at the days to come, knowing that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with Christ!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Trial Run...

Most of the time when people see us with the k-crew they ask..."are you sure you are ready for a 4th"? Well this week we are getting a little preview of what life with 4 littles will actually be like...because this sweet girl is here for a visit!

My newest niece Addison Grace!

We picked up Addy this morning (yes, one momma and 4 car seats...talk about crazy) and will be keeping her until Friday while her parents are enjoying some fun in the sun!

Addy absolutely loved watching the boys today! She played in her exersaucer and watched while Kaden and I shoot some hoops.

I love watching Kolson and Addy together. He loves to bring her toys and her paci. I even caught him giving her a hug this evening. He likes to go up and say "Hi, Addy"!

Addy is occupying what will some day be our sweet Kenzi's room. How my heart lept just to see all of the bows and pink! Just a little glimpse into our future!!

Don't worry mommy and daddy...I am having lots of fun and I hope you do to! Love~Addy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Karter Oh Karter...

Our dear sweet middle boy is full to the brim with personality! He is an all or nothing kind of guy...he is either having the time of his life or kicking and screaming (literally) when things aren't going like he thinks they should. We love this little guy and we are having such fun watching him grow.

I have so enjoyed this last several months with some extra time for just my Karty boy. Kolson usually sleeps until 9 and Kaden leaves for school around 7:45 so Karter and I love to enjoy some time snuggling on the couch or reading books just the 2 of us.

During our days at home Karter changes clothes at least 5 times a day...and usually it involves a costume or a swimming suit!

This year he has learned to ride his bike

and we are finally, FINALLY, FINALLY potty trained!

And in true Karter style (he has to be unique)...our little man likes to wear his undies backwards so he can see the pictures!!:)

(And this momma is not going to argue...as long as we are wearing undies and not pull-ups I am good to go)

While not much surprises us with Karter, I will admit that nothing could have prepared us for his latest "Karter Moment" last night...

We decided to meet some friends and their boys at Mcalister's for dinner. It was a beautiful evening and all of the boys (minus Kolson of course) wanted to sit outside on the patio...since we were right inside by the window we allowed them to eat together outside. Later in the evening a large group of people joined them on the patio. Everything was going great...and then the wheels started coming off. Kolson fell out of his chair inside. While we were consoling him we heard Kaden knock on the window and he was pointing to Karter. There he was our newly potty trained Karty pants down facing the other large group of people and peeing. Yes, you read that right Karter pottied all over the Mcalister's patio in front of everyone.

Memories...sweet memories!!(At least it wasn't in the undies!)

Thanks for always keeping things interesting Karty boy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last weekend I had the great privilege of leading worship for the ladies retreat my home church was putting on. Since making the CD Nathan and I have been so blessed and totally in awe of the way God has opened doors for me to lead in worship and spread the message of adoption and caring for the least of these. I am by no means an expert and I am so humbled that God even chooses to use any of us.

The weekend was such a blessing. I was thoroughly challenged by our speaker, Jennifer Wilkin (click on her name to visit her blog). Jennifer is a true student of God's word and women's speaker who brings truth and not fluff. We spent the weekend talking about God's grace. The first night really got to me. We talked about how living with God's grace helps us to say "no" to self-focus. One of the points that really hit home with me was self-focus while reading the bible. Jennifer said that so many times we read the bible like it is a book written about us. We are always asking..."What does this verse or passage say about me"? When really the bible is a book about God. She said that our first question should be "What does this verse or passage say about God?" Talk about a 2x4...I have spent most of my life reading my bible just for me...looking for what it said about me and how I could be better or do better. But, really when I start reading the book and asking myself what it says about Him I am amazed. I have to wonder if my life would be different if I were to spend more time reading that way. If I allow myself to come face to face daily with the awesomeness of who God is and who this book says He is, I wonder if all of the striving and trying to be better or get it right will feel far less like a duty and something I need to do and something more like sweet service to the God I love who is so rich in mercy and grace.
I learned so much and I am continuing to think and ponder on what I learned. I love when I go to a retreat and leave feeling changed and challenged.

The weekend was made sweetend by the presence of some of my most favorite people!

My sister and I had so much fun laughing and being silly together.

3 generations worshipping together this weekend! I love that both my mom and my grandma love the Lord and they have passed that down to my sister and I and they continue to pour their love for the Lord into our children's lives as well.

One of my aunts and several of my cousins also go to church there (this is not even all of them)

My all time favorite sound man was there as well but he never wants to have his picture taken! Thanks Dad...I love that we share a love for music and you are the best sound guy I know!

It is always such a blessing to go "home"! I loved seeing old friends! Thank you FBCUC for the opportunity to worship with you and for your part in helping to bring Kenzi home...we raised close to $1000 towards bringing our little one home!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let me count the ways...

So my journey with gratitude has slowly but surely been changing my life. I see a difference on the days when I take the time to really focus on counting up every little blessings. I am reminded of HIS great grace that is completely unmerited on my part. I heard someone say that "anything this side of Hell is grace"...wow, what a statement. It gave new meaning to the verse in 1 John that says God "lavishes" us with His love. Not only does He redeem us from the penalty of our sin (Hell), but He goes even further and continues to bestow His grace upon us. Our God is truly worthy of our praise and the only one who deserves to be called AWESOME!

I know I am a day late on my counting of the blessings, but I didn't want to let this week go by with out recording some of my favorites! In honor of Valentine's Day I want to share about one of my most precious blessings...my sweet hubby!!

#0220. he knows me!

#0221. he listens to ALL (which is a lot) of my thoughts!

#0222. he is loves our boys.

#0223. he is hot!

#0224. he loves the Lord with all of his heart and makes me want to love our Lord more everyday.

#0225. he is a man who prayers...I have always loved hearing him pray

#0226. he brings me my favorite drink (Mcalisters Sweet Tea) just because

#0227. he totally appreciates my love for food and always brings me little treats! Just look what he made us for our Valentine's Day dinner...yes he MADE it himself and had the candles lit and ready to go after the boys where in bed.

#0228. there is no one I would rather laugh with!

#0229. he holds me when I cry...even if I don't even know what I am crying about!:)

I am so thankful for God's great grace and the blessing of my sweet husband!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Last Saturday was a very happy day in the Lorick house! Nathan returned after being gone to India, Nepal, Thailand, and London for 2 whole weeks!
The boys were SO excited! They each made a sign for him and we went in to wait for him!

It took Nathan and John several minutes to go through custom...it was all I could do to hold the boys back! I will never forget how Kaden was looking under the doors to see if he could see feet coming. We were so excited every time the doors opened. Finally Nathan came through and the boys were off.

Kaden and Karter ran full speed to him.

And when I let Kolson out of the stroller he too was off and running, say "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" the whole way!

We were so excited to have him home again! It had been such a long time since we had really had a conversation that I think we talked the entire way home. It is amazing how much you miss talking to your best friend even if it is just about the day to day stuff!

And can I just add that when I walked into the airport there was a sweet family who had just gotten off the plane with their precious 18 month old daughter from Ethiopia! I love the way that God orchestrates all of the details. She was beautiful and once again God reminded me that sweet Kenzi will be home someday too!

I loved the sweet moments when we were finally home together again as a family. Nathan opened up his suitcase and showed us all of the treasures he brought home! Each treasure had a story and several of them were for the boys. It reminded me of when I was little and my dad would go on TDY with the military. We always knew he would come home with special things for us! I love special times with our sweet little family!

(Yes, Karter is wearing a blanket for a cape! He has no shortage of imagination)

We love you Nathan and we are so proud to call you ours!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm back!!!

After a week with no access to blogging my little heart is full! I am so thankful that my hubby is home from India and I have been so moved by his stories. I have also loved the chance to "meet" (via skype) a missionary couple that he met while he was there!
This week I have especially been moved by a particular story that my husband brought home.

Out in the middle of nowhere, Nathan and some others gathered to train pastors from all around the area. Many of these pastors came for hours just hear the word and to worship with other believers. Their desire to meet with the one true God was so strong that Nathan found them in a candle lit room at 4 am in the freezing cold worshipping and praying with all of their hearts.

In the videos they are singing with everything that they have. And then when they move into their prayer time it is amazing. They all pray at one time voices mingling and mixing together as they rise to the father.

I wondered when the last time was that I woke early on a Sunday morning excited about the honor and opportunity to worship with other believers.
Don't get me wrong...I love our church, I love to go to church on Sunday's but if I am just honest there are many Sunday's when I sleep until the last second possible and then rush around until I finally arrive at church frazzled and worn out. How often do I take the time to gather with other believers in worship and fellowship and in prayer for granted? This Sunday morning was much sweeter as I took time to "treasure" (my word for 2011) the time with my fellow believers. What a blessing to live in a country that is free to worship. What a blessing to live in an area where I am surrounded by other believers and I have the awesome opportunity to worship with them on weekly basis without having to travel for hours or worry about being arrested or beaten.

#0175. the gathering of believers

#0176. almost 30 years of life for my sweet husband!

#0177. For all that God has done and is yet to do in and through my husband in the years to come.

#0178. a little boy with a new toothless smile

#0179. missionaries willing to give up the comforts of home so that others may hear HIS name

#0180. new friends in far off lands

#0181. sweet friends right here at home who make the hard days a little less gray.

#0182. Karter...asking me if I will be his friend (precious)

#0183. so thankful that life really can be more than just going through the motions.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Blogger is not being my friend right now! For some reason it is not letting me upload pictures! I am looking into and hope to be able to blog soon! I have so many cute pictures of Nathan's return from India and another "Godstop" to share!