Tuesday, April 29, 2008

O.K. Since Jenna won't....I Will

I have decided to join my wife's efforts in our family blog....After all I did create it. I have blogged for 5 years now. However, I will now turn all of my efforts to our family blog. My post will be devotional in thought, informative in nature, and often. I will begin with this thought:

9 years ago I hurried off to college in pursuit of freedom and Independence. I had a world to conquer. My life was all about positions, friends, late nights with new friends, and a little study time. I was having the time of my life as a college freshman and felt as if life was good. Then something changed. I was asked to go preach a revival for this small country church near Pittsburgh, TX. I was asked by the worship leader, who happened to be a friend of mine, if he could bring this girl along for the revival. I fought as hard as I could to change his mind. Yet as destiny would have it, I would be placed with Jenna in the same house. e played monopoly all night long. God moved in that revival in a mighty way. People were saved, lives were rededicated, a church was revived, and two peoples life together began.
After the revival Jenna became friends. I was unusually drawn to her music and voice. I fell in love with her singing of "Come Just As You Are". For some strange reason, over the Christmas holiday I called her house in San Antonio to talk to her. That began a phone relationship that would turn into an exciting friendship. The next few months flew by as Jenna and I became inseparable friends. This was a great time in my life. Yet I did not want to pursue anything further. That summer after a series of God dealing with me, I caved in and confessed my love for her. I knew that if I ever dated her, that I would never date again. We were married in 2002 and have now been married 6 years. She has brought joy into my life. She has brought excitement into my life. She has brought holiness into my life. She has also brought love into my life in the form of Kaden and Karter. WOW! Life flies by when your having fun! I am fortunate to have a family. I am fortunate to have a relationship with the Lord. I am fortunate to live each day with my best friend.

Let me close by saying, If I never gain all that I pursue, I have already acquired the greatest reward in life. My Sweet Family.

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

T-Ball Time

The moment has finally arrived! Kaden is playing his first sport. My husband has been dreaming about this moment since we found out that Kaden was a boy (of course football is the ultimate sport he wants Kaden to play but since he is only 3 T- Ball will have to do).
We had our first practice last Saturday and it was a sight to see. The kids would hit the ball and then run to third base or to the pitcher's mound or they just wouldn't run at all (that would be my son).

Towards the end of practice I heard Kaden yelling from the outfield..."mommy, mommy, I just want to sit down!" I also heard one little girl tell her dad that she wasn't sure she liked T-Ball!

All in all it was a good practice and I think the kids will have a blast playing.

However, after that first practice we decided Kaden might need some extra practice!:)

Here are some pictures of Kaden and Daddy showing off their skills!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here is my list!

I thought I would take a moment and share my own list of reasons why I DO NOT have it all together!

1. I lose everything...just this week I have lost a prescription, a pacifier, my keys, and last week was even worse.

2. I have a habit of writing letters and thank you notes and then never mailing them. I even address them and then still neglect to mail them. ( I still have a thank you note for a gift Flo got me in December)!

3. I rip the tags off of my new clothes and then forget to cut off the little plastic things. I did it just this week. My friend noticed and said "Is that a new shirt?" To which I had to reply..."No, I got it for Christmas". And let me just tell you that is about the 5th time I have worn the shirt...how embarrassing!

4. I have a mad women personality that shows up whenever I get stressed...my poor husband has gotten to meet her on far too many occasions.

5. I say crazy things like "Are you smoking crack" in Sunday school...and then I remember that I am the pastor's wife.

And that is just the short list!!:)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Daddy Duty

This January Daddy Duty got a whole new meaning for my sweet husband. What had been the occasional bath time or getting kids dressed time has now become a daily event in the life of my husband. In January I went back to work full time for the first time in over three years.

I must tell you that I was worried to death about how everything would get done and just how it all would work...but with my husbands help, things have really worked out well (if you don't count the piles of laundry or the fact that the only clean bib in the house this morning was a "Baby's First Christmas" bib :).

In order to help the flow of the mornings and so I can get a few more minutes of sleep, Nathan takes the boys to school each morning. Depending on the morning (you know, how my hair is working out, and if the clothes I picked out the the night before actually fit) sometimes I get the kids dressed and ready and other days (bad hair, clothes don't fit:) I just leave their clothes set out on the couch for Nathan to dress them.

One morning last week was one of those just leave the clothes on the couch mornings. In a rush I grabbed some jeans from Kaden's drawer and through them on the couch. Much to my surprise, when I got home that afternoon Kaden was running out to meet me and his pants fell down...Nathan actually let him wear the pants all day at school...his teacher said he had to pull them up all day long. (Flo...I know the girls at the day care don't think that I don't have it all together :)

Despite this little incident, I would just like to take a moment and praise my sweet husband for doing his best to make this transition in our family a little less stressful. Last week I came home and he had mopped the floors! I did pick a good one!

Thanks Babe for all that you do!

Kaden pulling up his pants (they fell while he was running)

Our little chunk with a teething biscut

Crying because he couldn't find the teething biscut

Kaden with a lizard

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Sigh of Relief!

Today was the math TAKS test. This is my first experience with TAKS and my first year to teach a subject that is tested and where the students must pass the test in order to promote to the next grade.
Needless to say, the stress has been running high in my life as I have been preparing my students for this test...while trying to learn the math I am teaching them at the same time!:)
As a math team we spent lots of time praying for our precious students and now we will just wait and see!
We were all very relieved this afternoon...until we thought about having to teach tomorrow! Finally we can have some fun with math again!
Thanks to all of you who were praying for my sweet little students.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Is that even a word...and if it is, is that how you spell it?? I am not sure! A good friend of ours likes to use this word and I got to experience it first hand not too long ago.

Each six weeks two classes are chosen to compete in what we call the X- games. Now, we never know what we are going to be doing when our class is chosen to compete. The last time my class participated in the X-games it was no big deal and it DID NOT involve the teachers.

Well my class was chosen this six weeks and I was not prepared for what the challenge was to be.

Each class was given a roll of duck tape and their job was to duck tape each teacher to the wall. After taping as well as possible they removed the chairs from underneath us and the teacher that hung on the wall the longest won. Much to my surprise my class did a great jog taping me and I stayed hanging on the wall the longest!

Here is a picture just for your entertainment!
All of this got me thinking about my own sticktuativeness, or lack of to be honest. I am in much need of some duck tape in my life. I have the greatest intentions and great plans but it seems I am having a hard time meeting up to those intentions.
You know the ones I talking about:
Spending more time with the Lord, working out, playing with my kids more, keeping up with the laundry...and the list goes on.
So as this week begins I am praying that the Lord will be my priority and that He will give me some sticktuativeness in our relationship!
Happy Sunday!
Have a great week!