Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take 2...

This last weekend the Lorick family embarked on our second camping voyage! Since we are still so new to this camping stuff we decided it would be wise to glean some wisdom from the pros! Ronnie and Carol Yarber brought their camper out and joined us for a couple days.

The Yarbers are the real deal when it comes to their faith, sharing Jesus, loving their family, and of course camping! They totally out did themselves for us with great food and even better fellowship. Carol showed me all the appliances and gadgets that make camping easier and more fun. They were so sweet to think of our boys...their camper was loaded with Capri-suns, cookies, fruit, marshmallows, and so much more!

Nathan and I had the best time visiting with Yarber's after we put the boys to bed each night. I love to hear them talk about the ways that God has used them through the years...I love that after serving him for most of their lives they have never lost their excitement and joy over the gift of salvation!! We are so grateful that they would choose to take time to pour into our lives!!

The campsite was on a lake with a beautiful lake area. The plan was for the boys to just play in the sand and get their feet wet since the water was so cold.

Kolson's first time in the sand!

Daddy and baby boy

Daddy and all of his boys

Showing my baby boy the water

Writing our names in the sand

I am sure you can guess how long that plan of ours lasted...

They didn't seem to mind the freezing water one bit!

We even went back to the beach later that afternoon for another dip!! Now I know that I should always keep swimming suits and sunscreen in the camper...of course Mrs. Carol came to the rescue with her sunscreen!

I love that camping provides so much time for us to just sit and enjoy each other! We had such a great time roasting marshmallows and talking around the campfire!

Camping trip #3 here we come!!!

Easter 2011!

Getting pictures of 3 little boys in their Easter clothes is nearly impossible!!

I loved this Easter because Kaden and Karter are old enough that they are starting to understand the REAL meaning of Easter! We had so much fun talking about our Savior!

We also had a wonderful afternoon with our staff! Since most of the staff lives away from family we thought it would be the perfect time to have them over and celebrate together! We ate a big lunch and then let the kiddos hunt for eggs!

Get Ready, Get Set, GO!!!

Kaden and Allyson were super fast...I was only able to get a picture from behind!

Of course Karter dressed up as the Hulk for the hunt...

Asher wasn't sure at first but once he got the hang of it he had a great time finding those eggs!

Kolson was done after he found his first egg...all he cared about were the skittles inside!

I didn't get a picture of Brooklyn but she seemed to love watching the big kids and I am sure she can't until next year!

It was a great day! We are so blessed to have a wonderful staff to serve with here in Malakoff!

Thank you Jesus that you are a risen savior and that our hope is found in you. May live celebrating you everyday!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank you!!

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to those of you who helped me win Lifesong's Summit contest!! 2 days...667 facebook votes...wow what a blessing! I couldn't believe it when I clicked on the link and found out that I won!! I know that God has so much to teach me in those 2 days about adoption as well as ways that we can ALL come together and help orphans around the world. Just think about what was accomplished in two days on Facebook...what if we all worked together like that for the orphans of this world, for those who are lost, those who are suffering? Make no mistake...we have a purpose and God wants to use each of us!!

So in about 3 weeks I am heading to Kentucky to meet up with hundreds of believers who have a heart for orphans!! I am beyond excited! We are praying that Nathan is able to come with me...I don't want him to miss this opportunity, plus then we could divide and conquer for some of the break-out sessions and learn even more!

Thank you for making this opportunity possible and for all of your prayers, love, and support on our adoption journey!

Have a great Easter celebrating our risen Lord!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Normally I would not even think about participating in some sort of contest...it's just not me. I hate asking people for help!!

But today I am asking!!!

Would you help me get to this year's Orphan Summit??

All you have to do is visit the Lifesong for Orphans facebook page and post that I sent you! That's it....it should take less than 30 seconds and I would be so blessed if I were to win and be able to attend.

Why do I want to go so badly???

For the last 2 years God has really wrecked my heart for orphans. So much so that we are in the process of adopting from Africa. But I have known from the beginning that God was calling me to more that just adoption. The line fro Brooke Frasier's song keeps replaying in my head..."Now that I have seen, I am responsible"! I have seen how desperate the orphan crisis is and I know that I responsible to take what God has shown me and share it with others.

I know that not everyone is called to adoption. I also believe that adoption is not the solution to the orphan crisis. But I do believe that we are called to play a roll in reaching out to the orphan.

I want to go to the Summit so I can learn more about how to help and how to teach others how to help.

Please help me go!! At this point I am so excited that I am not afraid to ask...please go comment on my behalf and tell anyone you know to do it as well...post it on your blog or on your facebook page!!

Thanks so much!!
Blessings to you!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I would do....

Nathan and I have been going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at our church. It has been challenging and eye opening to say the least. Two weeks ago Dave taught about having a job that you love...a job where you are working in your strengths and doing things you are passionate about.

So the question was asked....

"If money were not a factor what would you want to do?"

Immediately I said that I would create and run an orphanage in Africa. I love children and I love Africa so it just made sense to me. That is until my husband reminded me that we are not independently wealthy and God has not called us to the foreign mission field (yet) so I might should look for something to do that would actually bring in some type of income.

I spent the next week thinking about that...what would I want to do???

And here is my answer...

I would love to make cupcakes!! Not just your average grocery store variety either. We are talking cupcakes filled with cream or infused with caramel. Melt in your mouth moist cupcakes that are so moist you may even need a fork to eat them (I like to call them forkers).

So in the last several days I have been doing some cupcake experimenting...

of course there were the Oreo cupcakes

How about Butterfinger Blast cupcakes that are infused with a creamy caramel butterscotch sauce and topped with a cream cheese butterfinger icing

Or maybe the simple yellow cupcake filled with a buvarian cream

My first chrysanthemum cupcake... perfect for a baby shower or a little girl's birthday

I am still continuing to work on my decorating techniques...I just bought my first tip set and can't wait to try making sunflower cupcakes and so much more. But let's just be honest... a cute cupcake is good but a cute cupcake that tastes great can't be beat so I am spending lots of time making sure I have the perfect mouth-watering recipes.

Next up...Cinnamon and Sugar infused Banana cupcakes and chocolate cookie dough cupcakes!!

My ultimate dream would be to have a little cupcake shop where part of all my proceeds went towards funding an orphanage in Africa. It would even be more fun if my friend Flo wanted to sell her super beautiful refinished furniture in the shop as well.

Or maybe my sweet friend Kathryn would want to sell her wonderful girly creations in the shop too!!

****Can I just add that both of these beautiful ladies are answering God's call to go and serve the children of Uganda this year. The proceeds from all of their wonderful creations are going towards their trips. So if you have a need for some furniture to be redone or something sweet for your little girl head on over to their sites. It is a win, win situation...you get a great product AND you get to be a part of serving Uganda's children!!****

My little sister shares my love for cupcakes as well...if only she were closer we could be the next DC cupcakes!!:)

Just a girl and her dreams...

And if you are wondering what my boys think about all this cupcake making....

It doesn't seem to bother them! They are my favorite taste testers!!:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moments for Memories

Last week Nathan and Kaden took some time to themselves to make some great memories! After a field trip to the children's aquarium in Dallas, Nathan surprised Kaden with tickets to an FC Dallas Soccer game. I have never seen a daddy and son more excited!

The pictures speak for themselves...

"Wow daddy...their field is huge"

because no sports experience is complete without a team shirt and one of these...

You're not a real fan unless you paint your face

Now we are ready for the game!

Game on!

Two of my favorite guys in the whole world

It was a really late night since the game didn't start until 8pm but both of my boys were still on cloud 9 by the time they got home after midnight! I am not sure who had the most fun!!

The only down fall to the whole professional soccer experience was that Kaden wanted to try all the tricks he had seen the pros do in his game the next day instead of just getting the ball to the goal!:)

I can always tell when something has made an impression on Kaden...when he is excited about something or really loves something he draws about it any chance he gets. I found these in his backpack yesterday...

I love the "kid writing"

They had fireworks at the game!

Thank you Lord for moments to make memories. Thank you for little pieces of time when we can love on our boys individually. Help us Lord to see those moments even on the most ordinary days and to be completely present...enjoying and savoring the precious time you give us with our boys.
Looking forward to making more memories!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dust and Grime equals Life Sublime!!

I always said my kids would never run around with dirty faces and fingernails full of grime. Oh how this boy mom has had to eat those words!!

I have discovered that there is a direct link between dirt and fun for these little guys! The dirtier those faces, hands, and feet get the more fun they have!

And this guy...

my all or nothing kid...you can always count on him being twice as dirty as his brothers! Dirt seems to be one of Karty's best friends! And I agree with a popular quote from a shirt "I make dirt look good"...even caked in dirt he is such a cutie!

I am so glad that my boys love to be outside and that they never let a little dirt get in the way of having fun!! All three of them are so full of zest and excitement for life. I pray that they never lose their excitement and that someday they will just as excited about sharing Jesus as they are about sharing dirt!!:) What a blessing it is to be the mom to these three little guys...dirty or not!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Nathan and I finally decided that it is high time for us to get our eating habits under control. After all we are 30 now and health seems to be more of a concern.

Of course it could have something to do with the fact that I had a baby 23 months ago (I put it months because that feels like less than years) and I am STILL hanging on to baby weight.

Or what about the fact that my sister had a baby 8 months ago and looks like this...

My parents have pool now so I know I will be spending lots of my summer in one of these...

Both Nathan and I are heading to Africa this summer and need to be in good enough shape to carry out the mission God has called us to.

So we decided on Weight Watchers. We have done it before and had great success. While the thought of not cringing when I put on my swimsuit sounded appealing to me I wasn't so sure I could give up my foodie ways. I love food and good food at that. I love sweets and carbs and foods that are full of flavor. Thankfully I found Gina's Skinny Recipes blog and I have not had to give up too many of my foodie ways. Just look at what we have had to eat the last two nights...

Asian Glazed Drumsticks with brown fried rice

Or how about Skinless chicken thighs with shallots in red wine vinegar
I seriously wanted to lick my plate!!

And even a little dessert...

Banana fritters with ice cream...so yummy!

With food like this I think we might actually be able to stick to this lifestyle change!!

Next up...Honey pecan salmon and chocolate strawberry crepes!