Thursday, March 27, 2008

Last but not Least

We finished the week with a trip to the Zoo. We were excited to meet Nathan's sister Michele and her family there. Kaden doesn't get to spend much time with his cousins so it is always a special treat when we get the see them. Riley and Camron are 2 of our a precious nephews and Emma is our only niece. Here are some pictures of trip.
Riley, Emma, Camron, and Kaden

Silly faces!

My three boys!

Kaden checking out the goats

After visiting the goats, Kaden asked Nathan if we could get a goat for our house!

Splash Zone!

One of the coolest things we did over Spring Break was the day we visited the new INDOOR water park at the time share. The water park had several slides for children, several slides for big kids and adults, a lazy river, and a wave pool. After some convincing, and even little pushing Kaden fell in love with the slides. I lost count after watching him slide down the orange slide 10 times in a row. He had a blast! Even Karter enjoyed the wave pool and his trip down the lazy river with Nonnie. Thanks to my parents being with us Nathan and I even got to ride a few slides as well! What a great day!
Karter in his life jacket!

Kaden on the beloved orange slide

Karter's first time in the water...even though it was inside the water was very cold!

Chuck E. Cheese Please!

We spent our spring break at my parents time share in Tyler. As all of you parents know...Chuck E. Cheese is the place to be for every 3 year old! Believe it or not it was actually very nice. It was not the normal mad house I was used to running into. I think even Karter enjoyed his first visit!

Spring Break Begins!!

We started our much needed break by going to Kaden's Easter Egg Hunt at school. Now that precious little Karter has come into our lives there are not many opportunity's to just focus on Kaden. Fortunately we were both able to be a part of the hunt with Kaden. All the kids had fun and it was a great start to a fun week!

Let's play catch up!

I have often said that there are few things that are as special as watching you parents love your children. Regardless of how professional, or quiet they may be in normal life grandparents are willing to do anything to make their grand kids laugh and have fun. I have so enjoyed watching my quiet Daddy get crazy with my boys, or watching my very professional father-in-law talk in all kinds of crazy voices just to get a smile.
Not long ago my boys got a special treat. I was singing in Shreveport which is where Nathan's parents live. My parents wanted to come and hear me sing so Kaden and Karter got a weekend with all three sets of grandparents at one time! Kaden was on cloud nine and was totally spoiled by the time we got home.
My parents came home with us and they were so gracious to keep them so that Nathan and I could have a much needed date night!
They all had tons of fun playing together.
Thanks mom and dad!
My parents on the golf cart with the boys

Friday, March 7, 2008

Girls Night!!!

After a very long week the girls from the THAT class got together for a much needed girls night. The night was full of laughter and chatter and of course good food!
There is just nothing like getting a bunch of girls in a room together and letting them chat. I was so excited to learn that we really aren't that different. I am not the only one that replays my entire day in my head before I fall asleep each night. I am also not the only one who suffers from strange dreams where I sit up wondering where things are. But more then all of that is just so nice to know that there are other women who struggle and have bad days and that we can be there to encourage one another and lift each other up in the Lord.
I was hit by something on my way home (as I was replaying the night in my head:). I shared with the group how I had struggled with doubting my salvation at times. I listed all the "important" things I have done for the Lord; singing, growing up in church, being married to a pastor. I mean come on how could I have this struggle. But on the way home the Lord just reminded me that all of that has nothing to do with my salvation and that I cannot cling to those things. I am saved because of His grace not because I am married to a pastor, or because I sing at church or anything else. I believe in him and I trust him and he is gracious enough to rescue me! I love little moments like that when it's as if God just taps you on the shoulder and puts you back in check. Thank you Lord!
Blessings to all of the girls in the THAT class! Thank you for being real and for always being an encouragement to me.