Sunday, June 28, 2009

Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say...

I have been reading book written for "boy moms" called "Preparing Him for the Other Woman". It is really a great book and has had some wonderful advice on how a mom can impact her son's life in a way that draws him to the Lord and also prepares him to be a wonderful husband someday. In the book she says that some times men have trouble when they are married because they just don't understand women and so we need to help our sons by teaching them all of the, yes admit girls, strange little things about women. Yesterday I had the perfect moment...

We got on to the golf cart for a family ride. I looked down and noticed that my toenails looked awful. So I said "Wow, mommy really needs to paint her toenails". To which Kaden replied "Why mommy"? I told him that girls like to have pretty toenails because girls like to look nice. I told him that someday when he got married he would have a wife who liked to look nice so that might mean he would have to be patient and wait on her to be ready to go somewhere. I was feeling like super mom until Kaden said...

"Does that mean we can be bad to each other"? "Bad to each other, what are you talking about," I said. " You know when I get married we can be bad to each other like you and daddy are bad to each other sometimes", Kaden said.

Yep, there it is...the dagger. Now, I do not want my boys to grow up thinking that marriage is a bed of roses but I do want to make sure that they don't see it as an excuse to be "bad" to someone. So I explained to Kaden that everyone has bad days and yes sometimes we are ugly to one another but we always need to remember to say sorry.

Wow...and I thought the teachable moment was just for Kaden!

Friday, June 26, 2009

One Month

As hard as it is to believe, a month has already gone by! Our "new normal" is slowly but surely settling in. We made it through our first 2 nights without Daddy and we are gearing up for our first road trip to Nonnie and Papw's since Daddy will be gone for his mission trip.
Kolson has really been the sweetest thing. He has had a few rough nights but he seems to learning the difference between day and night and is starting to be awake more during the day.

Here are some pictures of Kolson in all his sweetness!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I realize this is a little late but... come on I just had a baby!
I didn't want to let the week go by without posting about my husband and the wonderful father he is. I love to watch him with our boys. My favorite thing is when he lays on the floor in the living room. As soon as he hits the floor Kaden and Karter make a b-line for him. They laugh and play and wrestle until Nathan can hardly move. I am sure Kolson will be joining in the fun before long! I love the way Karter runs to him saying Daddy, Daddy every time he sees him. I love that on nights when he can't sleep I find my precious husband in the boys room leaning over their beds lifting them up to our heavenly father. Over the past 5 years I have seen my husband become more and more like the heavenly father he loves so passionately. I am so thankful that my boys have such a wonderful real life example of what our heavenly father is like.
I love you Nathan and if I haven't told you are a wonderful Dad!
For Father's day we went to the East Texas Alligator Farm for a little fun.

Feeding Time!

Daddy and Kaden waiting for feeding time

Karter watching the gators

"No pictures please"
After 5 years of putting up with us we decided that it was finally time that Daddy got that recliner he had been wanting for so long!
The boys like the chair too!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Growing Up

It is funny how there are days that seem to drag by, but before you know it years have gone by. I love that saying "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." As I look back on Kaden's 5 years I realize that it is full of those breath taking moments. From his birth, to first words and steps, to first days of school, birthdays, or that first time he said "I love you", I have loved the big moments and the small moments. This year Kaden not only turned 5 but he also graduated from pre-K at Eustace Primary School...where does the time go?

Pre-K Graduation

Enjoying the Swing Set Clyde and Randy put together for his birthday!

The Giant Slide


Karter enjoying a relaxing lunch!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have said before that one of my favorite things in life is to watch our parents love our children. There is something so special about the bond that grandparents have with their grandchildren. Over the last two weeks I got to witness that special bond each day as my precious mom became a caretaker, driver, sword fighter, cook, laundry mat, but most of all she was Nonnie to our sweet boys.
I cannot put into words how thankful I am for all of her help, encouragement, and love as we have entered into this new phase of "K crew" life.
My mom has taught me so much about what is means to be a mother. She has always given so much of herself in order that my sister and I always had what we needed and even wanted. She is patient, kind, creative, fun, and a true lover of our Lord. From her I learned who Jesus was and how to seek Him. I hope I am everything to my boys that she has been to me!
Thanks Nonnie! We Love You!