Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Months

Time continues to fly by...Kolson turned two months old on Sunday. He is still a tiny little guy but he is starting to plump up. He is working very hard on holding that little head of his up. He is also able to sit in the bumbo seat which I am sure is a welcome change from always laying back. So far he just so sweet. He loves to cuddle and would sleep for hours on end if I would just wrap him up and hold him close. K1 and K2 seem to really love having K3 around...they are constantly giving him run-by kisses throughout the day. I feel so blessed to be the mom of this "K-crew"!:)
Working to hold up his head

Finally Got It!

Just Relaxing

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods...

It may have been a little further than just over the river and through the woods but the boys and I sure enjoyed our extended visit to Nonnie and Papaw's house. Going into I was not sure how a three week trip with three wild boys would work...but God is good and we really had a wonderful time with very few melt downs (like I said God is good!:).
My parents are wonderful hosts. They are always making sure the boys have food that they like to eat, toys to play with, movies to watch and this year they went above and beyond. This is what was waiting for my boys when they arrived.

Even in the 100 + degree weather Kaden and Karter had a blast on the new "fort" as Kaden calls it.

And every afternoon when it just got too hot to do anything my sweet Dad put on his swimsuit and took Kaden swimming. There were probably only 2 or 3 days during the entire 3 weeks that they didn't go swimming. I loved seeing the two of them piling into the "red hoopty" to go fro a swim (I will get a picture of the infamous hoopty next time I go).
We had lots of other fun adventures as well. We visited the children's museum, and the jumping place, the movie theatre, chick-fil-a, and yes there were SEVERAL trips to Target!
Here are some pictures of our time with Nonnie and Papaw.
Karter enjoying the Children's Museum

Karter loved playing in Nonnie's Closet!Enjoying a movie from the comforts of Nonnie and Papaw's bedApples Anyone?Kolson enjoyed napping where ever we were!

I told you they were crazy!Lunch Time...I promise they were given silverware!little brother and baby brotherA few bad moods!

Just a cute kid!