Thursday, October 28, 2010

The process is moving...

I am so excited! I opened my e-mail to find a note from our agency saying that our Homestudy has been requested!!! This means things are moving step closer to our family of 6! We will know in the next 30 days when the actual homestudy will be!

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support along this journey!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A shout out for my Hubby!

I just have to tell you that I have the most wonderful husband! Last week I was having one of those know the ones...where the laundry seems unending, no matter how much you clean there is still a mess, my hair looks ugly, I don't like my clothes. Ok, ok it was pretty much a pity party day for me!

A lot of times Nathan will make jokes on those kind of days. He asks me questions like "Am I invited?" When I say "to what?" His answer is "to your pity party?". Most of the time it works and makes me laugh!
But I guess on this day last week he could tell I needed a little more than a joke.

On Thursday afternoon he came home with 2 really fun surprises! First, he re booked a plane ticket so that he could be at a special event I am doing in a couple weeks! I am not sure he will ever know how much it means to me that he will be there to support me, pray for me, and cheer me on!

Secondly, he got tickets for me and my little sister to go see Matthew West this Thursday evening! I am super excited because I love Matthew West but I am even more excited to spend the evening with my little sister! I am so proud of her and all that God is doing in her heart! if that weren't enough, my mom and her sisters are coming in to go to Canton on Friday and I get to go with them while Nathan keeps the little boys! If you could see me now you would notice that I am beaming! I LOVE being a wife and a mom! I love spending my days with my boys and keeping our house in some sort of order, but every once in a while a little time to be just Jenna, having fun, is just what I need!

Thanks Babe! I love you and I am more thankful for you than you know!

Stay tuned lots of pictures of all the fun to come!

Monday, October 18, 2010

20 bucks...

It looks like an ordinary 20 dollar bill doesn't it? To most people there is nothing special about this 20 dollar bill. It may represent a meal out to eat or a few gallons of gas. But for me this 20 dollar bill is the beginning of a journey. For me this 20 dollar bill is inspiring.

This ordinary 20 dollar bill was given to me by a not so ordinary 15 year old young lady.

Briana is anything but your typical teen. While many other teenagers are out thinking of themselves and what makes them happy, Briana spends her time thinking of others. She is kind, thoughtful, so much fun, and has such a heart for children. She is also brave...she babysits my 3 wild and crazy boys all by herself (see I told you...totally brave...I have met some adults who are afraid to have all 3 of mine alone!).

Not long ago Briana babysat our boys while Nathan and I went to work on something for the adoption. As always she did an excellent job with our boys. I paid her $20 for her service and she was on her way.

It was about a week later when Briana came back to me with that same $20. She put it into my hands and said "I want to help bring your little girl home". At first I said "no", she had already helped by keeping the boys that night so we could get things done, I couldn't take the money back from her. But I could see in her eyes how serious she was. So with tears in my eyes I took the precious gift. I was so humbled and blessed by her willingness to give.

The average cost of an adoption from Ethiopia is (hold your breath)
$25,000...yikes...I know. To be honest we have no idea how in the world we will come up with it but we know God has called us to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia so we also know that He will provide.

So with our first $20 donation we will start the Kenzi fund! Thank you Briana for your generosity and for being a part of caring for "the least of these" by helping us to bring home a precious orphan child!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The words I couldn't find...

These are the words I have not been able to find for almost a year now. Read and be blessed....

Click Here

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What the doctor ordered...

This is what the Lorick family had for dinner the last two nights!

I am sure from the picture it is obvious that a virus has hit the K-crew! Yes, that is right within 24 hours all 3 boys were throwing up! I will be honest and tell you it was not near as bad as it sounds. Of course, having 3 little boys means that this was probably just my introductory class in surviving viruses! Never the less, I am so thankful that it was all staggered and no one was throwing up at the same time. I am thankful that my washer and dryer was working and we were able to clean everything really quickly. And thanks to my grandma for teaching me to make that chicken noodle soup several years was just what the doctor ordered.

I think these pictures are proof that the K-crew is on the mend! Now lets pray that mommy and daddy don't get it!:)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Boy!

I cannot believe that our sweet Karty boy turned 3 this weekend! While Karter has proved to defy everything I thought I knew about parenting, we really have loved every minute of his 3 little years!

We decided to spend Karter's birthday at one of his favorite places...Nonnie and Papaw's house! My parents were so gracious to open up their home to some family and friends for Karter's big day!

It just so happens that my parents just had a pool put in their backyard. Even though the water was still VERY chilly the kiddos just couldn't resist!

I love this picture of some of the boys drying off before lunch!

My sweet college roommate (Rhonda) and her family joined in the fun. She seriously has 2 of the cutest little girls I have ever seen!

Several of the boy's cousins came to join in as well. I loved watching all the boys play together. They played till the bitter end!

Even my new niece Addy came out to enjoy the party...isn't she beautiful!

Karter happens to be our most polite was so cute hearing him tell everyone "thank you" for his presents and for coming to his party!

All together it was a great day to celebrate a precious little boy that is growing up way too fast!

And of course I had to share this...

The first picture of Nonnie and Papaw with all 4 of their

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grocery Games!

As a stay at home mom, trips to the grocery store are sometimes the highlight of my week (I know sad...but true)! Usually I load up my 2 youngest boys and head out to the Wal-mart in the next town. But, lately I have been spending WAY too much at that crazy place! I decided it was time for something new!

With my add and coupons in hand we loaded up and headed to Corsicana to try shopping at HEB!

I know it is a little farther but really there are some days when a nice drive in the car is just what the doctor ordered...everyone is strapped in a seat and usually they are relatively quite. It is scary but some days that is as close as I get to having some alone time!:)

Ok...back to HEB! What you may not know is that I worked for HEB for 4 years while I was in high school and college. It was my first job and I really loved it ( I still have some vegetable codes memorized...I know sad). For some reason I still have some kind of company pride towards the store so I felt right at home there!

I saved about $30 compared with my last Wal-mart trip. But considering that I needed all of these high ticket items I felt pretty good about that savings!

I got these two items free with things I was already going to buy!

Each of these items was $1! (I know we eat SUPER healthy here)

Not sure if I will use HEB for all of our grocery needs but it was a nice change of pace!:)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Kolson enjoys a little time on the trampoline!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where it all started...

"...once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act."
Proverbs 24:12

I had been reading about Africa through Katie's blog. My heart was stirred and I was touched but really that was all.

And then one night I stumbled on that verse and things changed. I heard a song by Brooke Fraser that said "Now that I have seen I am responsible, faith without deeds is dead". I knew then that He was calling us to action. My eyes had been opened and now I was responsible to do something about all that I had seen.

Yes, the Lord has called us to adopt a sweet African little girl. I am over the moon excited about it and I cannot wait to see her "God story" unfold as we get closer and closer to bringing her home. It will be a long journey with lots of opportunities to practice patience and to trust in God's perfect timing. But I am convinced that He has so much to show us through this journey to Kenzi.

If I am just honest with you it hasn't stopped there for me. God has continued to open my eyes to the needy, the lonely, the oppressed, the lost, the hurting. All the while, He has also been pulling back the layers that make up my life and showing me that "the rich young ruler" and I really aren't that different. He has shown me that time and time again I have chosen my own comfort and need for things over following Him and sharing His love with others.

Can I tell you that this has been hard and wonderful all at the same time. There is nothing sweeter than to sit at the Lord's feet and to allow Him to teach you and speak to your heart. But at the same time it has been so difficult coming face to face with all of the "stuff" I allow to get in the way of serving God and His children.

For so long I have not even been able to really blog because there is just so much going on in this crazy heart of mine.

Proverbs 27:20 says...
Death and Destruction are never satisfied, and neither are the eyes of man.

I have found this to be true in my life. As our lifegroup teacher said today...I am kind of like a dog...distracted by anything shiny!:)

I know it is funny, but really I am. In my normal everyday life before God stared opening my eyes I wanted granite counter tops, matching comforters for the boys, beautiful Christmas decorations, name brand shoes, and of course I always want good food!

Now here I am trying to sort through it all. I find myself feeling guilty about buying decorations or pretty pictures for my house (not because I think they are bad) because really what is the good in having beautiful things if there are people dying because they have no clean water?

I know that I can't save the world and that God does not expect me to. But after reading Proverbs 24:12 I do know that He holds me accountable for my decisions and what I am doing with what He has shown me.

So that is where I am...I just want to honor Him with my whole life even if that does mean letting go of comfort and stuff. Would you pray for me that He will direct my path and help me to figure out all that He is trying to show me?

Blessings to you!