Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Celebrating Kaden!

It is totally not fair to this momma's heart that 2 birthdays plus the end of the school year all come at the same time!   I have one turning for and registering for pre-k, while another is graduating from pre-k and registering for Kindergarten, and yet another one turning 9 and finishing the 2nd grade!  There have been lots of happy tears and moments of reflection for this mommy in the last 2 weeks!

On Saturday we got to celebrate Kaden turning 9.  Wow, that sounds so old.  And as my precious husband reminded me...9 is halfway to 18.  Time certainly does pass quickly!

Where did this little baby go?

swimming without a life jacket!

First day of pre-k
T-ball time
Turning 5
Learning to ride a bike
Hunting trips
Losing your first tooth
The day you asked Jesus into your heart!
Daddy baptizing you

So many precious memories with my sweet boy!

He started his celebration with breakfast with dad and a trip to Academy to spend his birthday money.  After that we had presents, cupcakes, and most importantly...waterslide fun!

Dear Kaden,
I can't believe you are 9.  I still remember the day you were born with such detail!  You made me a mommy...the one thing I wanted to be my entire life!  I am so thankful for you.  You are so kind and tender hearted.  I often find you thinking of others.  Whether it is making a card for someone of offering to the dishes for me because you know I have a blister that hurts, you are always looking for a way to be kind.

You are also very athletic!  You have loved balls for as long as I can remember and now 9 years later you still do.  You are very talented at soccer but you also love to throw the football with dad and you are looking forward to trying basketball this winter.  I thought it was funny when we went to the park recently and saw a little girl from your school.  When she saw you she leaned over to her mom and said..."he goes to my school, he is SOO athletic"! :)
You are still our shy guy but once you get warmed up you are lots of fun and a great friend!  I am so proud of the way you have jumped in this year!  After spending the first part of the year homeschooling and then 6 weeks in Africa you were nervous to start at a new school but your bravery won out and you already made some friends by the end of the week.
You are continuing to grow in your walk with Christ.  Just recently you told me about how you talked to your best friend at school about the gospel.
I am so proud of you sweet boy!  I am thankful to be your mom and I know God has great plans for you!
Happy Birthday!