Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Karter!!

How is it even possible that this fiery little guy is 6?  The last year has flown by!

Of course we carried on the Lorick birthday tradition with birthday donuts!

Followed by presents...

This year since Nathan was in Israel we decided it might be special to let Karter miss school and go to the place of his choice.  He chose Lego Land!!

He was beyond excited and had the best time!

Although the birthday money in his pocket was burning a whole...he couldn't wait to get to the gift shop to buy some Legos of his own.

We had lunch together in the mall afterwards...I love what he said..."Mommy, this is really fun, spending time just us...but you know what is better, family time"!!!  I love that this little boy loves being with his siblings and his mom and dad!  All the way home he talked about what Legos he was going to share with his brothers!

Dear Karter,
This year has been full of change and new things.  Just the other day you asked me why you had to keep doing so many new things!  You are so much like me...change is often hard and not my favorite thing either.  Even though there have been some rough moments getting adjusted I am so proud of  you Karter!  In the last year you have moved to a new city, embraced a new sibling, started and finished pre-school, joined a new church, moved to a new class at the church, visited numerous churches with daddy, started Kindergarten and so much more!  You are doing great, Karter!
You are such a fun little boy and you always keep us laughing!  You have a huge vocabulary and love to tell me about the new words you are learning.  You are learning to read!  You still LOVE all super heroes and legos are now coming in at a close second.  You are rough and tough but still tender hearted enough to think of others and their needs.  You are a great helper and most everyone comments on how polite you are!
We continue to see evidence of God's hand working in your little life.  You have such a passion for Him and you love to learn about the bible!  You are always on the look out for someone new so that you can ask them if they know Jesus!  We can't wait to see what He has planned for you sweet boy!
Happy Birthday, Karter!!!



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