Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Wedding...

In February my sweet little sister got married!  It was a full out family affair!  Nathan officiated the service, I was the maid of honor and the singer, and Kaden and Karter were ringbearers.  If I hadn't been afraid they might kill him going down the isle I would have let them pull Kolson in a wagon!:)  Sweet Koley slept peacefully through the service.

It was a beautiful outside ceremony! Here are some pictures of Julie and Scott's big day...

The Newlyweds!  Isn't my sister beautiful!
One big happy family
Two handsome boys!
Just the 5 of us
Love my sweet hubby

I am proud of my sister and the woman she is becoming!  Her and Scott are expecting their first baby...Addison Grace this summer!  I can't wait to buy some bows for my new niece and be able to share the wonderful journey of motherhood with my sister.

Just the other day Julie called to tell me how God was working in their lives.  How she prayed and God was faithful beyond her wildest dreams.  It is so awesome when the people you love "get it".  I pray that their lives will be filled with Joy as they seek to serve our awesome God through out their marriage.


Flo said... that name. Girl, you need to get that dress hemmed short and wear it out!! It looks gaw-geous on you!

Kimberpeas said...

Everyone looked so happy and beautiful! Congratulations to your sister and her groom! I'm sure you're excited to love on your little niece, too!

Michelle said...

Congratulations...nieces are the best! I have 7, as you may recall! :-) You looked AWESOME that day, and the family picture is the best.

Nana's Nuggets said...

Jenna, you are so Blessed with such a Beautiful Family!