Saturday, April 17, 2010


Last weekend was Sam's senior prom!  Since I have just had our sweet little boys for the last 5 years getting to do some girly stuff was a real treat!
Sam and Allison and I headed up to Dallas to look for the perfect dress.  We saw some beautiful dresses, some VERY expensive dresses, some really strange dresses, and finally we found THE dress...we thought.
When Sam went back to school the next day she found out that another girl had bought the same dress. 

What is a girl to do?

Luckily, one of the principals from the district brought in her daughter's prom dresses from a couple years ago.  In that bunch of dresses was the most beautiful purple ball gown!  We got to take the  other dress back which left us with some extra cash to do some other girly stuff!
I had so much fun taking Sam to get shoes and jewelry, and then to get her hair and nails and toes done!  Nathan even let me get my toes done too!   It was a sweet moment as we sat there next to each other getting our toes done!
I didn't get near as many pictures as I would have liked to but here are a few...

I love this picture that Donna took...her smile is so great...she loves to have fun!


Keri said...

Just beautiful! Glad you got to experience it with her.

Flo said...

She does look beautiful! Love the hair....and the dress is perfect. : )

Jennifer said...

Sam is lucky to have someone who cares about her so much. What a blessing to you are to her and what a wonderful memory you have made for her in her "growing up" years. Just think one day she will tell her kids about the prom experience she had. Thanks for being such a good are an inspiration!

Michelle said...

Sam is so pretty! Glad you are getting to enjoy this time with her!