Thursday, April 8, 2010


Like always, taking a good picture of 3 crazy little boys is never easy!  At least I got all three of them looking at the camera and smiling...we are getting closer!=)

We had a great Easter Sunday!  We finished out our third and final performance of "Loved With A Cross" and enjoyed a wonderful lunch and Easter hunt with Nathan's dad.

This year was so much fun with 2 little boys to hunt eggs...I can't wait until next year when all 3 of them get to hunt together!
Thank you Jesus for a beautiful day to celebrate you and the gift you gave!

Why is this little guy so happy?
On Wednesday of Easter week sweet Kolson had a minor surgical procedure to correct his frenulum.  Kolson was born tongue tied...literally his tongue was stuck to the bottom of his mouth because his frenulum was too long. He is so happy now that he can move his tongue and is able to eat more solid foods now!

We continued our Easter celebration well into the nest week with coloring and decorating fun!

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Keri said...

Great memories in the making!