Saturday, April 3, 2010


The house is quite...everyone is in bed and I am just savoring a few moments in the stillness.  We just finished our second night of "Love with a Cross".  Tomorrow is Easter and we will perform the play one last time.
As I sit here tonight I am reminded of how worthy our sweet Jesus is and what a great sacrifice He made for me.
Thank you Jesus for coming to live amoung us and for paying the price for my sins.  Your grace amazes me! 

Happy Easter! 


Flo said...

Grace said her favorite part was when you sing! : ) Ya'll have done a fantastic job!

Welcome to Lolliworld said...

Happy Easter Jenna.

I love your post today.

Also...I love you adding Sam to your family (including your blog) ;p

God Bless.


Keri said...

I have to agree with both Flo and Donna.

Happy Easter Lorick Family!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Jenna, just wanted to let you know that the production was absolutely Amazing!! you all did a great job! I could have watched all 3 performances.