Sunday, April 18, 2010

Product Review: My Dirt Devil

My three crazy little boys and my fake wood floor DO NOT get along!  I live with two little boys who love to go in and out all through the day, a baby who loves to crumble eat crackers, a boot wearing, hunter of a husband, and several messy eaters!  All of this and my need to have a clean, neat floor has left me with a dilemma.  I could either sweep 100 times a day or I could just  give up and live with a REALLY dirty floor.  I have tried both options and neither seem to work very well!=)

Which brings me to my Dirt Devil!

Nathan and I did something crazy this last year...we woke up at 4:45 am and went shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.  That day gave CRAZY a whole new meaning!  By the time we made it through the line at Wal-Mart we had both decided that next year we would go back to our normal sleeping-in routine.  That was before we got to Target and I found my Dirt Devil for $9...yes $9.

It is light weight and easy to use and instead of having to sweet every five minutes I can just turn this little baby on and have things spic and span in no time!  It is so fun even my boys like to use it...

The only thing that would make this product better is if it had a rechargeable battery so that I didn't have to worry about plugging it in!  I am sure they make one like that...but I am sure that one is more than $9!


Keri said...

I just lugged out my upright and was thinking...there has to be something better. Thanks for the review.

Nana's Nuggets said...

Those boy's look like they are into this thing called vacum, Oh! if they only know what we know about that little machine! It still wears you out!! cute post!:)