Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I would do....

Nathan and I have been going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at our church. It has been challenging and eye opening to say the least. Two weeks ago Dave taught about having a job that you love...a job where you are working in your strengths and doing things you are passionate about.

So the question was asked....

"If money were not a factor what would you want to do?"

Immediately I said that I would create and run an orphanage in Africa. I love children and I love Africa so it just made sense to me. That is until my husband reminded me that we are not independently wealthy and God has not called us to the foreign mission field (yet) so I might should look for something to do that would actually bring in some type of income.

I spent the next week thinking about that...what would I want to do???

And here is my answer...

I would love to make cupcakes!! Not just your average grocery store variety either. We are talking cupcakes filled with cream or infused with caramel. Melt in your mouth moist cupcakes that are so moist you may even need a fork to eat them (I like to call them forkers).

So in the last several days I have been doing some cupcake experimenting...

of course there were the Oreo cupcakes

How about Butterfinger Blast cupcakes that are infused with a creamy caramel butterscotch sauce and topped with a cream cheese butterfinger icing

Or maybe the simple yellow cupcake filled with a buvarian cream

My first chrysanthemum cupcake... perfect for a baby shower or a little girl's birthday

I am still continuing to work on my decorating techniques...I just bought my first tip set and can't wait to try making sunflower cupcakes and so much more. But let's just be honest... a cute cupcake is good but a cute cupcake that tastes great can't be beat so I am spending lots of time making sure I have the perfect mouth-watering recipes.

Next up...Cinnamon and Sugar infused Banana cupcakes and chocolate cookie dough cupcakes!!

My ultimate dream would be to have a little cupcake shop where part of all my proceeds went towards funding an orphanage in Africa. It would even be more fun if my friend Flo wanted to sell her super beautiful refinished furniture in the shop as well.

Or maybe my sweet friend Kathryn would want to sell her wonderful girly creations in the shop too!!

****Can I just add that both of these beautiful ladies are answering God's call to go and serve the children of Uganda this year. The proceeds from all of their wonderful creations are going towards their trips. So if you have a need for some furniture to be redone or something sweet for your little girl head on over to their sites. It is a win, win situation...you get a great product AND you get to be a part of serving Uganda's children!!****

My little sister shares my love for cupcakes as well...if only she were closer we could be the next DC cupcakes!!:)

Just a girl and her dreams...

And if you are wondering what my boys think about all this cupcake making....

It doesn't seem to bother them! They are my favorite taste testers!!:)


Brett said...

Well, first I would so love to come to the cupcake / Flo Furniture / girly clothes shops!! Also, I have ironically been trying to find my "true passions" as of late. Your post spoke to my heart (and my stomach)!! Will let you know if I find anything "shop worthy", until then...

Miss you lots!!

Kimberly said...

Those cupcakes all look delicious! Too bad you aren't closer. Those chrysanthemum cupcakes would be darling at my baby shower.

I will pray that God will open up the doors to you making a difference in Africa, besides adopting, because I know that is your true passion. And maybe He will use your passion for cupcakes to get you there!

Flo said...

OK. What a great post. : ) I heard a friend quote her dad once, where, after retiring he said to her..."You know...do what you love. Life is short." I wholeheartedly agree. I wish my W&T's booth could have your homemade cupcakes in it!! We can dream right? Call our shop...."Uganda Started It All.." HA! At least, that's what I say about this whole thing. PS. I had NO idea you enjoyed making cupcakes. Little did I know!

Laurie said...

so where do I place an order? Those oreo cupcakes look AWESOME!

Janelle said...

So sweet! I love your heart - and following it is amazing! You have to start somewhere and a dream is a great place to start! You know there is no one nearby to compete with your idea! In Dallas those cupcakes go for $3 - $4 each! You could do it!!

Would love to taste test if you need more mouths!


Teri said...

Oh my goodness! I want to sign up for the taste testing too! I want to sell some crocheted and sewn goodies, and maybe some handmade jewelry, as well as my "famous" Mrs. Caswell's Cookies!
But, the question WAS, if money were no object, what would you do??? That is when you really find out what God has CALLED you to do! My prayers will continue that HE will show both of you EXACTLY what--when--where HE want you both to do!
Blessings & Hugs,