Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moments for Memories

Last week Nathan and Kaden took some time to themselves to make some great memories! After a field trip to the children's aquarium in Dallas, Nathan surprised Kaden with tickets to an FC Dallas Soccer game. I have never seen a daddy and son more excited!

The pictures speak for themselves...

"Wow daddy...their field is huge"

because no sports experience is complete without a team shirt and one of these...

You're not a real fan unless you paint your face

Now we are ready for the game!

Game on!

Two of my favorite guys in the whole world

It was a really late night since the game didn't start until 8pm but both of my boys were still on cloud 9 by the time they got home after midnight! I am not sure who had the most fun!!

The only down fall to the whole professional soccer experience was that Kaden wanted to try all the tricks he had seen the pros do in his game the next day instead of just getting the ball to the goal!:)

I can always tell when something has made an impression on Kaden...when he is excited about something or really loves something he draws about it any chance he gets. I found these in his backpack yesterday...

I love the "kid writing"

They had fireworks at the game!

Thank you Lord for moments to make memories. Thank you for little pieces of time when we can love on our boys individually. Help us Lord to see those moments even on the most ordinary days and to be completely present...enjoying and savoring the precious time you give us with our boys.
Looking forward to making more memories!!

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Nana's Nuggets said...

How Sweet! Even that painted face did not distract from that handsome child! He is so cute!