Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dust and Grime equals Life Sublime!!

I always said my kids would never run around with dirty faces and fingernails full of grime. Oh how this boy mom has had to eat those words!!

I have discovered that there is a direct link between dirt and fun for these little guys! The dirtier those faces, hands, and feet get the more fun they have!

And this guy...

my all or nothing can always count on him being twice as dirty as his brothers! Dirt seems to be one of Karty's best friends! And I agree with a popular quote from a shirt "I make dirt look good"...even caked in dirt he is such a cutie!

I am so glad that my boys love to be outside and that they never let a little dirt get in the way of having fun!! All three of them are so full of zest and excitement for life. I pray that they never lose their excitement and that someday they will just as excited about sharing Jesus as they are about sharing dirt!!:) What a blessing it is to be the mom to these three little guys...dirty or not!!


Nana's Nuggets said...

What fun! they are so cute! as you said dirty or not!! hope your drain is not plugged up!! Loved these pics of having fun!! So cute!:)

Debi Jenkins said...

I just found your blog on the Gladney FBI list. You all look a little familiar. We live in Allen, Texas.

Congratulations on getting on the Waitlist!

Debi Jenkins