Friday, April 1, 2011

Pride Swelling...

Dear Kaden,

I can't believe you are already 6 years old and more than half way through Kindergarten. The time has gone by faster than I could have imagined.
I am so proud of the wonderful big boy you are becoming. In the last few months you have recieced your first report cards, your first awards for good citizenship, and you went on your first two kindergarten field trip! You even lost your first 2 teeth (in the same day)!

Your dad and I have been so pleased to see you coming home with "green" faces in your folder everyday! You seem to be thriving and flourishing at school. I love that you come home with new pictures you have drawn and new words you are trying to spell on a daily basis.

School has really brought out your creativity. You love to draw and then tell me the stories about everything in the pictures.

(pirates anybody?)

I am also proud of the character I see growing in you. I loved watching you at your first field trip. In recent years you were the little boy who joined right in with all the craziness but that day I noticed that you stepped up and followed the rules and your friends seemed to follow suit. Your dad and I were so proud when you gave some of your own money to help fill Christmas shoe boxes. And just the other day I watched as you gave a homeless man some money and then said a prayer for him...your heart is enormous!! I am praying that God will continue to grow you into a boy who is full of good character...a mighty worrier and leader for Him.

You are the most wonderful big brother (well, on the days you are not bossing Karter around)! Karter wants to be just like you and is always quick to declare that you are his best friend. Kolson is always watching you and I love that he always wants to play "ring around the rosie" with you!

I am always so touched by the tenderness of your heart. I love the way you help without me even asking when you know my day has been hard. I love your bright eyes and the way they are still so full of wonder. I pray that you will always stand in awe of God's mighty works and that His wonders will never cease to amaze you. Remember sweet boy that you are one of those mighty are wonderfully made!!

I love you more than words can say and I cannot wait to see what God has planned for your life! My greatest prayer for you and your brothers is that you will know Jesus and serve Him with an undivided heart all of your days!

I am so proud you! I blessed just to know you and even more blessed to call you my son!

I Love You,


Kimberly said...

Jenna, this brought tears to my eyes. You and Nathan are raising three Godly boys and I want to thank you for that! Kaden seems to be a great kid who is mirroring the actions he sees in you and his dad.

They are all so blessed to have you as their Mom!

Keri said...

Such a sweet post about an even more sweet boy. he has great examples.

Loren said...

This is just beautiful Jenna! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!