Monday, February 21, 2011

Trial Run...

Most of the time when people see us with the k-crew they ask..."are you sure you are ready for a 4th"? Well this week we are getting a little preview of what life with 4 littles will actually be like...because this sweet girl is here for a visit!

My newest niece Addison Grace!

We picked up Addy this morning (yes, one momma and 4 car about crazy) and will be keeping her until Friday while her parents are enjoying some fun in the sun!

Addy absolutely loved watching the boys today! She played in her exersaucer and watched while Kaden and I shoot some hoops.

I love watching Kolson and Addy together. He loves to bring her toys and her paci. I even caught him giving her a hug this evening. He likes to go up and say "Hi, Addy"!

Addy is occupying what will some day be our sweet Kenzi's room. How my heart lept just to see all of the bows and pink! Just a little glimpse into our future!!

Don't worry mommy and daddy...I am having lots of fun and I hope you do to! Love~Addy


Kathryn said...

Oh my goodness! She is such a doll!!! I'm coming to see you guys this week!

Flo said...

I can't believe she's gotten so big, so quick! Enjoy the 'trial run'. : )

Janelle said...

A Trial Run is exactly what I told Jennifer today when I heard you were babysitting!
How fun!
We missed you this morning! Would have loved to visit and play - but I completely understand staying home too!! Hope we can get together soon!