Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last weekend I had the great privilege of leading worship for the ladies retreat my home church was putting on. Since making the CD Nathan and I have been so blessed and totally in awe of the way God has opened doors for me to lead in worship and spread the message of adoption and caring for the least of these. I am by no means an expert and I am so humbled that God even chooses to use any of us.

The weekend was such a blessing. I was thoroughly challenged by our speaker, Jennifer Wilkin (click on her name to visit her blog). Jennifer is a true student of God's word and women's speaker who brings truth and not fluff. We spent the weekend talking about God's grace. The first night really got to me. We talked about how living with God's grace helps us to say "no" to self-focus. One of the points that really hit home with me was self-focus while reading the bible. Jennifer said that so many times we read the bible like it is a book written about us. We are always asking..."What does this verse or passage say about me"? When really the bible is a book about God. She said that our first question should be "What does this verse or passage say about God?" Talk about a 2x4...I have spent most of my life reading my bible just for me...looking for what it said about me and how I could be better or do better. But, really when I start reading the book and asking myself what it says about Him I am amazed. I have to wonder if my life would be different if I were to spend more time reading that way. If I allow myself to come face to face daily with the awesomeness of who God is and who this book says He is, I wonder if all of the striving and trying to be better or get it right will feel far less like a duty and something I need to do and something more like sweet service to the God I love who is so rich in mercy and grace.
I learned so much and I am continuing to think and ponder on what I learned. I love when I go to a retreat and leave feeling changed and challenged.

The weekend was made sweetend by the presence of some of my most favorite people!

My sister and I had so much fun laughing and being silly together.

3 generations worshipping together this weekend! I love that both my mom and my grandma love the Lord and they have passed that down to my sister and I and they continue to pour their love for the Lord into our children's lives as well.

One of my aunts and several of my cousins also go to church there (this is not even all of them)

My all time favorite sound man was there as well but he never wants to have his picture taken! Thanks Dad...I love that we share a love for music and you are the best sound guy I know!

It is always such a blessing to go "home"! I loved seeing old friends! Thank you FBCUC for the opportunity to worship with you and for your part in helping to bring Kenzi home...we raised close to $1000 towards bringing our little one home!!

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Loren said...

Oh Jenna....I LOVE this post for so many reasons! Let me just thank you for sharing all you learned....much to gleen from and ponder for sure! You are already challenging others :)

Next, I LOVE the legacy that your grandmother and mother have given to you and your sister! and your aunt and cousins tooo WOW!! What a Powerful Family of God you have!

Bless you my friend!