Saturday, February 19, 2011

Karter Oh Karter...

Our dear sweet middle boy is full to the brim with personality! He is an all or nothing kind of guy...he is either having the time of his life or kicking and screaming (literally) when things aren't going like he thinks they should. We love this little guy and we are having such fun watching him grow.

I have so enjoyed this last several months with some extra time for just my Karty boy. Kolson usually sleeps until 9 and Kaden leaves for school around 7:45 so Karter and I love to enjoy some time snuggling on the couch or reading books just the 2 of us.

During our days at home Karter changes clothes at least 5 times a day...and usually it involves a costume or a swimming suit!

This year he has learned to ride his bike

and we are finally, FINALLY, FINALLY potty trained!

And in true Karter style (he has to be unique)...our little man likes to wear his undies backwards so he can see the pictures!!:)

(And this momma is not going to long as we are wearing undies and not pull-ups I am good to go)

While not much surprises us with Karter, I will admit that nothing could have prepared us for his latest "Karter Moment" last night...

We decided to meet some friends and their boys at Mcalister's for dinner. It was a beautiful evening and all of the boys (minus Kolson of course) wanted to sit outside on the patio...since we were right inside by the window we allowed them to eat together outside. Later in the evening a large group of people joined them on the patio. Everything was going great...and then the wheels started coming off. Kolson fell out of his chair inside. While we were consoling him we heard Kaden knock on the window and he was pointing to Karter. There he was our newly potty trained Karty pants down facing the other large group of people and peeing. Yes, you read that right Karter pottied all over the Mcalister's patio in front of everyone.

Memories...sweet memories!!(At least it wasn't in the undies!)

Thanks for always keeping things interesting Karty boy!


Brandi Hanes said...

I can see it now!!! Love it!! I don't see many if any dull moments in your future with Karter!! I love my "yittle donut"

Keri said...


Kathryn said...

I love that little boy. Seriously, my stomach is hurting I am laughing so hard.