Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let me count the ways...

So my journey with gratitude has slowly but surely been changing my life. I see a difference on the days when I take the time to really focus on counting up every little blessings. I am reminded of HIS great grace that is completely unmerited on my part. I heard someone say that "anything this side of Hell is grace"...wow, what a statement. It gave new meaning to the verse in 1 John that says God "lavishes" us with His love. Not only does He redeem us from the penalty of our sin (Hell), but He goes even further and continues to bestow His grace upon us. Our God is truly worthy of our praise and the only one who deserves to be called AWESOME!

I know I am a day late on my counting of the blessings, but I didn't want to let this week go by with out recording some of my favorites! In honor of Valentine's Day I want to share about one of my most precious blessings...my sweet hubby!!

#0220. he knows me!

#0221. he listens to ALL (which is a lot) of my thoughts!

#0222. he is loves our boys.

#0223. he is hot!

#0224. he loves the Lord with all of his heart and makes me want to love our Lord more everyday.

#0225. he is a man who prayers...I have always loved hearing him pray

#0226. he brings me my favorite drink (Mcalisters Sweet Tea) just because

#0227. he totally appreciates my love for food and always brings me little treats! Just look what he made us for our Valentine's Day dinner...yes he MADE it himself and had the candles lit and ready to go after the boys where in bed.

#0228. there is no one I would rather laugh with!

#0229. he holds me when I cry...even if I don't even know what I am crying about!:)

I am so thankful for God's great grace and the blessing of my sweet husband!

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Loren said...

Your gratitude just oozes out of you! Your honey did an awesome job Jenna! SOOOO sweet ~ such a special Valentines for you guys for sure!! Isn't it wonderful to have someone who listens!! Such a gift! But isn't that just soooo God! HE made your husband just for you so of course the LORD gave you a man who would listen...no matter how much you talk LOL

Have a blessed week!