Monday, January 4, 2010

Proud of my Man!!

My husband is a dreamer, a visionary, a goal setter, a glass half full kind of guy. His mind is always racing with ideas and ways he can make himself, his ministry, and those around him better. He has been this way since we met. In fact, it is one of the things that made me love him so. He is passionate and his passion for Jesus is contagious, inspiring, and intriguing.
Throughout our marriage he has had many of these so called visions and dreams. Some of them have taken us to places we never thought we would go...Tennessee after college, the smallest town in Texas (Martins Mill), snow cone shops, and so much more. On my own I NEVER would have done any of this. I am more the glass is half empty kind of girl who likes to just play it safe and stay where things are nice and normal. But boy I am ever thankful that I have followed my man! On each of our "adventures", as I like to call them, I have learned to love my God more and have fallen more and more in love in with Nathan.
One of the dreams he has had for as long as I have known him is to get his doctorate degree. His grandfather had his doctorate and it is always something Nathan has wanted to do. He has always said that he wanted to have it done by the time he is 30. Me, being the half empty kind of girl that I am really thought that is was impossible. I never said that out loud but I always thought it would take a little longer.
Leave it to my glass is half full husband to prove me wrong!! As I type this, he is in Virginia for his last 2 seminars! All he will have left to do is to write his dissertation (which he has already started). As long as he can finish by Feb. 8th of 2011 (I know he will) he will have met his goal to have a doctorate degree by the time he is 30!
I am proud of my man for his hard work, dedication, and even his dreams and visions!
Love you Nathan!

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Welcome to Lolliworld said...

First...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog template!
I agree, he is a visionary. What I love, is he will bulldoze anything that gets in the way of what is right.
You two compliment & complete each other...your strength + his strength + God's strength = perfection.
(PS, don't tell him I was bragging on him, I'll never hear the end of it! ;P Oh, and thanks for the blog comment, too!)