Monday, January 4, 2010

The longest post ever!!

I know I am a little late, but like I have said before, this is my way of scrap booking so I have to document Christmas this year! I will warn you now that this post is VERY long!

Christmas #1-
We had our second ever Christmas Eve and morning at home. We followed our traditions from last year with a few special additions!
After the Christmas Eve service we headed home for some yummy chicken enchiladas. Since this was our first Christmas with Sam we invited her Granny and sister over as well. We had a great time eating with them and getting to know them...they even joined us for our annual trip to look at Christmas lights in Athens! Although I am not sure they knew what they were getting into...the boys were so excited! It was great to share this special night with Sam's family.
When got home we finished up the night by allowing Sam and each of the boys to open a gift.
I love this picture of all 4 of them opening their gifts
The brothers 3!
Thanks for the toys Nonnie and Papaw!
Nathan and I had decided that we would not buy for each other this year...however, he decided that "the boys" would get me something. He had to wrap it himself...and since he has never wrapped before he chose to wrap in foil! No need for tape!:)Christmas morning was great! The boys woke up a little grouchy but their moods quickly changed when they saw the fun things "Santa" left for them. Poor Sam wasn't expecting Santa to come so early! We were banging on her door at 7:30 in the morning!:) I am not sure what was more exciting watching our boys or watching Sam's eyes light up when she opened the lap top that "Santa" brought! The sayings are correct...receiving is WAY is where the real joy comes from!

Christmas tuckered Kolson out!

Christmas #2

On Christmas afternoon we headed south of Shreveport to Nathan's sister's house for some celebrating with his mom and step dad. We were so excited to have Sam with us...I think she got more than she bargained for when she hopped in the car with the 5 of us! Honestly, it was a great trip and the boys were excellent! It was so fun just to hang out with family and watch our kids play together. With our 3 boys and Nathan's 2 sister's kiddos we have a total of 8 kiddos ages 7 and under and only 1 of them is a girl...needless to say it was fun! Just watching Nathan and his sisters together is enough entertainment for a few hours...I love their close relationship and the way they are always hassling each other! No celebration with Nathan's mom is ever complete without her delicious cinnamon rolls! They are huge and sooo yummy!

I had so much fun that I forgot to take more pictures!

Christmas #3

We woke up early on Saturday morning to put together a present for Nathan's Dad and Maria. It is something they have wanted for a while but we have been putting off. So finally we all got together and dressed ALL 11 grandkids in white shirts and jeans and took them to a portrait studio (see why we had been putting it off:). I am sure the workers at the studio were more than happy to see us go after our session. With 11 kids 7 and under it was really crazy. I am sure it would have won the $10,000 prize on America's Funniest Videos. Two of the toddlers were just not having it that morning (yes, you guessed it...Karter was one of them) and so all the adults were doing anything they could to make the kids smile. I was bribing with marshmallows, Nathan was wearing pink and purple boas, Michele was getting the little ones with giant teddy bear, and Jennifer was trying anything to just get Pierce to stay in the picture! Like I said...craziness!

Here is our end result:

After the crazy picture taking we headed to Nathan's dad's house to celebrate with everyone! It was another day full of cousin play!We made memories I will not soon forget! Once again Maria gave it her all, in the face of pain and exhaustion she put us first and celebrated Christmas to the full! I cannot put into words how much we love her and how God has used her and John to show us what it really means to have faith and to serve Him even in the storms.

I loved watching them open the picture we had taken and then watching the kids point to themselves in the picture!

Christmas #4-

On Wednesday, after Christmas, my parents made the journey up to East Texas and we were able to celebrate with them. I loved having my parents here and watching them love on our boys. We had so much fun just hanging out. My parents are truly my best friends. I rarely go more than a day without talking to them. I love that my mom and dad are both always there to listen and offer advice and prayers. They call almost daily for "an update" on the latest crazy thing the boys have done!:) They even gave Nathan and I the opportunity to have a night out on New Year's Eve! I never worry about our boys when they are with my parents! My sister and her fiance, Scott and his daughter Gabby joined us on Friday! Kaden loves to play with Gabby!

Presents, Presents Everywhere!

The costumes and hammering blocks were a huge success

I love Kolson's smile behind the passy

My sister and Koley

I love that my mom is not afarid to get on the floor and act like a little crazy with my boys


Allison said...

Sounds like yall had a crazy, busy, but FUN Christmas!

Give me a call if you get bored/need out of the house in the next two weeks!

Flo said...

wow oh wow....LOTS of Christmases. I guess that's a good thing- I'd rather too many than too few. : ) Yes, ditto on the call me. Did you get my FB message?

Jennifer said...

cool! Seeing the look on Nathan's mom's face when she sees that picture brings tears to my eyes...priceless.

Keri said...

I agree with Jennifer, I had to go get a kleenex with that one. And how exciting for Sam, a new lap top! Looks like she fits right in.