Monday, January 11, 2010


On Saturday I had the great privilege to sit with Maria for just a few moments. It was just the two of us and sweet baby Kolson. I got to hold her hand and tell her that I would be better because I have known her. I watched Kolson "talk" to her and hold her hand as well. I promised her that her grandchildren would always be reminded of her and how much she loves them. She had their newest picture sitting right in front of her. She said that she prays for them everyday...she prays for them in the present but also for their futures...for who they will marry and who they will become. It reminds me of the verse in Hebrews that says faith is being SURE of what we hope for and CERTAIN of what we do not see...she will be like Abraham...only able to see these things and welcome them from a distance.
Her soul longs to be with Jesus in a place where her cancer and pain is defeated but her heart aches for those of us she is leaving behind. There is still part of her that wants to be here living life with her family...watching them grow, being at birthday parties, but more importantly kneeling before the Lord to pray for them. She even told me that praying for her husband, children, and grandchildren has been the greatest honor of her life. She hopes she will still be able to pray for us from heaven.
Many people find honor in doing the "great" things. I was so touched to know that praying for me and my family has been an honor in Maria's life. So often we are focused on doing big, huge things to honor God when we forget what an honor and privilege it is just to be able to come into his presence and sit at his feet interceding for others and for ourselves.


Who We Are said...

I find my eyes filling with tears as I read your post. My own grandmother (that lives just down the road from yall in Trinidad) is coming to the end of her own journey and I'm reminded of the precious memories I have of such a godly woman that shaped so much of who I am. I'm praying for you guys.

Flo said...

I've never really thought of it being "an honor" to pray for my family. I love new thoughts...thanks to your sweet MIL. May her last days be precious and rewarding.

Stacy said...

well spoken - it is an honor. Praying for you guys.

Kathryn said...

It's so easy when people are near the end to talk about them is such a way that makes their life seem to glow...but this is the way you and Nathan have ALWAYS spoken of Maria...that says a lot about her! Maria is definitely leaving a legacy. We are praying for you all! Love you guys!