Thursday, December 10, 2009


Nathan and I have been so blessed to be a part of FBC Malakoff. To be perfectly honest Malakoff would not have made it on my top ten best places to live list if you had asked me a few years ago. I never really thought much about Malakoff it was just a town that I drove through time and time again on my way to my parents house in San Antonio. Never in a million years would I have imagined that God would call us to Malakoff. But... I am so glad He did! What a blessing it has been to get to know the people here and to get to serve along side them. I have especially been touched by our church's willingness to "get out of the boat" and reach out to those who are in NEED of a savior. Instead of sitting back and waiting on people to come to us this church is going out to the people and meeting their needs in the name of JESUS. This church is making a DIFFERENCE. I love this place!

I am especially thankful for the staff that God has given Nathan to work with. They are his teammates, his partners, and his friends. Each of them brings such life and light to our church. As much as I appreciate and love each one of them we seldom get the time to just hang out or visit with each other. Thanks to Donna this year was different!

This week we had a progressive dinner around Star Harbor. The food was WONDERFUL but the company was unbeatable. We started off at our house where Nathan gave each staff member something to celebrate the Christmas season with...

What is Christmas without a Marshmallow gun fight?? Can't you just see how much fun they have together. Watch out next time you're at the church...marshmallows hurt when they hit your eye...just ask Kaden...he got caught in the crossfire during the battle.

From our house we headed out the Donna and John's house for the main course. Their home is stunningly beautiful and the sauce she made for the sweet potatoes...oh my!

For dessert we went to Kim and Eric's where enjoyed Eric's sour cream twists...(yum) and other desserts. Kim has two beautiful trees up and all of her past Christmas pictures are out on display...too cute.

It was a wonderful night that we shared with some of our favorite people.!


Welcome to Lolliworld said...

We had a great time! We should DEFINITELY do it again (and more often that once a year)! Love you guys!

beechembrightspots said...

OK, so I'm the only one that hasn't put this on my blog...I guess I need to. :) I'm just mad at myself that I took pictures at every house EXCEPT ours! I guess I was too busy thinking about entertaining.

By the way, as I was just reading this, Ethan was standing by me and said, "Hey, there's Kaden, and Karter, and Kolson!" Then, he named everyone else in the pictures! :)

Flo said...

That looked like fun....: ( Makes me a little sad...I don't think the coaching community would ever have one of those get-togethers!