Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Blind Side

On Thanksgiving my parents gave Nathan and I the RARE opportunity to have a date! We were so excited...we felt like kids at Christmas getting out of the car with nothing to carry and the only hands to hold were each other's. We lived it up and ordered popcorn and a large coke!:) I went into this movie not knowing much about it...hey, I like Sandra Bullock and I knew it was a movie about football so I thought it was a great choice that would appeal to both of us. I had no idea how God was about use this movie to reach out and grab out hearts.

God has been doing something unexplainable in our hearts lately. To be honest we are not sure what it is or what He is trying to lead us to do. We just know that He is working and we want to be willing, open, and available to WHATEVER He has for us.

Recently I have been previewing a new book for our next bible study. It is called "Lies Women Believe" what really stuck out to me was when the author, Nanci Lee Demoss, said that if Satan can't get us on the BIG lies like abortion or adultery he will certainly try to get us on the small lies. The little subtly things he sneaks into our lives.

When I saw this movie I was struck by Sandra Bullock's character and her willingness to serve in a small way that eventually lead to serving in a way that changed her life and the life of the boy she was serving. But how often does Satan get us on the small lies, lies like...oh that doesn't really make a difference, or who cares if you are nice and polite to the cashier, or somebody else will come along and give that homeless person a meal or some money, or even better when Satan convinces us that we shouldn't give because they won't use it in the right way. As my sweet friend Jennifer pointed out last night, we are held accountable for what we do for those in need and not for what those people do with what we have given.

My heart is so full and I could probably write a whole book but I will end this blog by saying...yes this movie has it's ugly parts but it is all together inspiring and a great picture of what can happen when we put our own desires, and the worries about what others will think to the side all for the good of serving someone else.

So my question for myself and anyone reading this is....what are you doing to help others with what God has given you?


Welcome to Lolliworld said...

OK, can't wait to see the movie, but will have to be after the holidays. I have always felt God trying to get my attention about "more"...and it's always kids. Until I know what His plans are...this is what I have done (for years)...I go to this website, the children are all available for adoption. I look at their face, all out their name, pray for their special need. I have attached a link, it's only one small section of Texas...there are literally thousands of additional children...I know God is listening...I can't wait to see what his plans are for me and all of these children!
I love your posts, they always make my heart smile. Thank you.

Jennifer said...

I also love your posts. You are an inspiring woman of God and your boys are very lucky to have a Mom like you. Your legacy is one of a kind. Thanks for all your encouragement.c