Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Store

140 gift cards
75 toys
70 stuffed stockings
50 rolls of wrapping paper
Hot Cocoa
Over 60 volunteers
What does that equal?
22 families
22 families who may not have had Christmas will be having it now!
This fall our Children's minister and I embarked on a new journey...a journey that led to changing lives through providing Christmas for others.
I am so thankful for our church and their willingness to give and to give abundantly. The looks on the families faces were priceless and our people who volunteered to help were beaming. See giving doesn't only change the people you are giving ultimately changes you!
People who are normally shy and who would not want to have to have a conversation one on one with someone they didn't know jumped out of their comfort zone and welcomed these sweet families...making connections with them.
It was a wonderful day! I can't wait till next year!
Sorry I don't have was so busy and exciting I just forgot all about taking pictures.
Merry Christmas!

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