Sunday, December 27, 2009

7 months!

Yesterday Kolson turned 7 months old...time is flying and I really wish it could just stand still even just for a moment. All three of my boys are at such fun and exciting ages. Kaden is old enough to have a real conversation (even if it is about football). Karter is starting to talk in full sentences. And sweet Kolson is noticing everything. I love to watch him when he sees something new...I love the wonder in his eyes.

Kolson reminds me not to get so busy that I miss the wonders God has placed all around me.

He is playful and smiley and I have even noticed that he seems to smile when he sees the camera...He must take after his aunt Michele...she has always got a picture smile ready!:)

He is getting much better about tummy time...he would be great at yoga...check out this swimmers pose!

I am sure he will have a tooth soon. He is chewing on any and everything in sight!

And yes, even at 7 months he STILL likes to be swaddled in his miracle blanket. The instructions that came with the blanket said it would work until he was 3 months old. He loves it and sleeps well so I am just not going to mess things up!:)

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Keri said...

We really had fun with you guys tonight. Spittle and all. :)
Thanks for being such great friends.