Monday, July 28, 2008

More Memorable Mom Moments

For the past few days I have had the wonderful pleasure of keeping our nephew Ethan. He is only 6 months younger then Kaden and they are the best playmates. I love to just sit and listen to them talk about their firetrucks and cars. They say the funniest things! They also like to plan things. This morning I heard them planning their next visit to Papa and Grammy's house and how they would take turns driving the oh so loved white truck. They have entertained each other so well that I have even gotten a few things done!

This morning I was thinking to, this is not that hard, three kids is no big deal, I can handle this....Until the arguing started! As the boys got more and more worn out from our day at the park and playing at a friends house they both got more irritable. They started arguing about who was best friends with who and who would get to do this or that. I realized quickly that it was time for a nap. I put them down and went about doing my bible study and some laundry. About an hour later I realized that they had never gone to sleep...they were still playing! Needless to say by bath time tonight I had 1 cranky baby and two totally worn out pre-schoolers...and so the craziness began.

Kaden started crying because I could not get the blue ink off that he had stamped all over his body earlier in the day. Ethan was crying because he didn't like the sound of the water. I quickly washed the boys and started getting the big boys out because Karter was still enjoying the bath. As I was drying Kaden I heard the dreaded grunt...yep, that's right Karter was pooping in the bath tub!! At that point all three boys were crying!

By the time I got all of them in bed and cleaned up the bath tub I looked like a mad woman!

As crazy as it was I have so enjoyed this chance to spend time with Ethan. He is such a sweet little boy with the best little laid back attitude. It was truly a pleasure to watch the boys play together.

As for baby number 3...we might wait a while!!:)

Here are some pictures of our fun times with Ethan.

Two cute boys going to church

Three boys in the car...what a task!

Fun at the park...they love to "drive" things

Playing in the golf cart

Thanks for coming to play with us Ethan!


Flo said...

That's were a topic of our small group discussion for quite a while. I had you written down as someone who had peace and countenance and we all agreed that especially when you sing, there's not a glimmer of "Jenna"'s all God! Love that! We should keep on liftin' each other up b/c Lord knows we need it sometimes! ....maybe you needed some liftin' up tonight sounds like -poopy in the tub? Gross! : )

Andi said...

Boys! Aren't they so much fun!!! By the way thanks for the comment on Jim's blog. Everyone needs to stay on him...haha!

Julie Estes said...

Boys will be boys! Maybe that's just Karter's way of payback from them aggravating him all week :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for letting Ethan come and play with Kayden he had so much fun. The other night he wanted to sleep in only his underwear :) and the he was playing in his fire truck and I told him to do something and he said " Hold on mama my anunt Jenna told me to park my truck in the garage" :) anyway we need to try to get them together more often. Next time we will take Kayden for a couple of days.

Nathan said...

Time for a new post!!!