Friday, August 8, 2008

Simple Pleasures and a new phone...

As some of you know, my phone was stolen this week during my visit to San Antonio.
My mom and I decided to take the boys to the new Target :) down the road from her house to get Kaden a backpack for school. We had a great time looking through the store and even stopped for and ICEE on the way out. We made it home with two very sleepy boys. I decide to nap with Kaden.
Shortly after laying down my mom came in to tell me that my phone had just called the house. Weirdo! So I called it back and a man answered the phone. He told me that he had found the phone in the parking lot of Target and did not want to take it back into the store so he wanted to meet me some where. Immediately I started thinking...PHYSCO!! I handed the phone to my mom in a panic and she arranged for George (as he called himself) to leave the phone at a local grocery store for us to pick up after the boys were done with their nap. Needless to say he never turned the phone in and I would hate to think what he might have done to us if we had decided to meet him. Talk about creepy! So $100 later I have a new phone and can safely travel back home!

Now about the simple pleasures....Now that we are blessed with two beautiful little boys I seldom get to spend time with them just one on one.

Several weeks ago Nathan's parents took Kaden to their house for a few days and I got to enjoy some sweet alone time with Karter....although, he really missed all of Kaden's entertainment. But it was sweet to just hold him and spend time just playing on the floor with him. He is such a little miracle!

This week my mom kept Karter while Kaden and I enjoyed a movie together. He was so excited about the popcorn and candy. I love just watching his eyes light up. He is so full of zest for life. My prayer is that he will be full of that same zeal and passion for Jesus as he grows. He decided half way through the movie to sit in my lap and I cherished the moment to just hold him close.

I never want to get so busy that I miss out on the simple pleasure of just loving my family. Playing in the backyard, or going on golf cart rides...watching their eyes light up when they learn something new. It is a blessing, a pleasure, and an honor to be a wife and mom...I never want to forget that.


Flo said...

OK. THAT guy was creepy! Are you getting sad yet about our last week?? sniff, sniff! :(

Nathan said...

What happened to me being one of your simple pleasures???

Anonymous said...

Yikes, some people are so weird! Did he seriously think you'd be all "oh sure, be there in 5!"

This pictures of the boys is so great. Just a glance (and maybe put Karter in a dark brown girl wig) and it's you and Nathan made over. Crazy.

Andi said...

WOW! Just shows you how crazy some people can be. The boys are growing up so fast. I think if Karter keeps it up he is going to out grow Kaden.