Saturday, July 26, 2008

We're Back....

Let me start by saying that if you have not read Angie Smith's post called "Blink" from the Bring the Rain need to. She talked about saving life's little moments in pictures in her mind.

Nathan often gives me a hard time about how much I like to take pictures. I have the boys pictures made about every 4 months, I take pictures at birthdays and all holidays, I dress the boys the same for pictures, I dress our family in matching shirts for the 4th of July for pictures...all in hopes of capturing moments... so I will always remember Karter's chubby little legs or Kaden's new obsession with having his fingers in his mouth when he is nervous. I never want to forget these precious moments.

Our trip was filled with great moments...some them I was able to catch with my camera, but others will have to remain etched in my mind.

Our first memorable moment was when we turned around to see Kaden singing and dancing in his seat to the new Sugarland song "All I Want to Do". It became our favorite song for the week and every time it played we all sang and danced!

Here are a few of the memorable moments that we were able to capture with the camera...(Let me warn you now...there are tons of pictures...sorry...It is hard to pick my favorites!)

So thankful to be a family of 4


The "huge" crab that Nathan and Kaden caught

Karter crawling like crazy

Sand Castles
My 3 favorite guys
Bowling on a rainy evening
The giant whole...Kaden's favorite place to play
Karter loved the water
Karter in the tent
Our trip ended with a bang...literally. As we were pulling into Shreveport something hit our window and shattered is a picture of how we had to drive home!


Keri said...

I read her post this afternoon. I feel the same way about taking pictures (both physically and mentally, some good, some not so good).
Those are some great pics, keep posting them.
Wow, sorry about the window, that stinks. Hope no one was hurt.
Other than that, sounds like ya'll had a wonderful family vacation. Glad ya'll are back.

Flo said...

I know....reading "Blink" just sold me on people's God-given gifts....hers, writing.....yours, singing.....mine, uhhhhh still searching! : )
Love the pic of your boys on the beach. I'm glad you went to those beautiful beaches!