Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Driving We Will Go!

"And Jesus, we're going to the beach...amen" where the words that Kaden added to his prayer last night.
So here we go off to Panama City Beach, Florida. We will be leaving tonight after church in hopes that the boys will sleep. However, if this trip is anything like my trip to Tyler last week then we are headed for major trouble!!

After a long morning of screaming (Karter, not me silly) on Thursday, I finally decided to take Karter to the Dr. Nathan is always making fun of me...saying that I always think he has an ear infection. But this particular morning I blocked him out and decided it was time to take Karter in...( I was secretly hoping that he at least had a cold so Nathan wouldn't laugh when I got home).
The trip was pretty uneventful until an old college friend called. We began talking and everything was going smoothly. Right as I started to pull into Tyler traffic Karter started screaming. I quickly got off the phone with my friend and turned to see what was wrong. When I turned around I was shocked to see that Kaden had gum all over his face, his car seat, and even in his hair (now I understand the no gum in the car rule Flo!). There was nothing I could do. I continued to the Dr.'s office with a screaming baby and a gummy 4 year old. By the time we arrived the gum was already hard and there was no way I could get it out of his hair. I managed to get the gum off of his face and ears and we went into the Dr.'s office where I saw a friend who immediately noticed the purple gum in Kaden's hair.
After a long wait the Dr. took one look in Karter's ears and said that they were both infected...ugh...poor little guy. We got some meds and were on our way...without gum this time!
Nathan had to shave most of Kaden's head when we got home!

Needless to say, we will not be taking any gum on our trip and we are praying that the boys will have a blast!!

See you next week!!


Flo said...

Awwww!!! Poor Karter...double ear infections are no fun. I did not know you guys were leaving today! Have so much fun!! Enjoy the R&R....and come back ready to go to the teacher store with me! : )

Rooney's Little Musings said...

I can't help but laugh WITH you as I picture your son with gum all over him.

I'm glad you followed your instinct and took him in to see the doc.

Mom always knows best!