Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November at the beach!!

So I will be honest...I did not have the best attitude about going to Florida in November.  Yes, I was excited that Nathan's sister, Britany, was getting married...but still Florida in November???

Despite my bad attitude God showed up (why should that surprise  me...He is such a great God) and allowed us to have one of the best weeks we have ever had!  We didn't even know how bad we needed a vacation until it was over and we realized just what a blessing the week had been!  My only regret it that I didn't bring my camera so I don't have many pictures.  However, I have a feeling this trip won't be one that we quickly forget!

We started our trip on Monday with a 13 hour drive...much to our delight the boys did a great job and we all made it there without any major melt downs ( a true miracle)!

We were blessed with the opportunity to stay is a beautiful 2 bedroom condo right across from the beach (Thanks Britany, Gene, and big Gene)!  The view was wonderful and they even had a heated pool and hot tub that we enjoyed...yes, swimming at Thanksgiving!! We even made it out to the beach a few times.  The water was FREEZING but the boys didn't seem to mind!:)

One of the greatest things about being in Florida is that we were not alone!  All of Nathan's family was there and that meant 8 of the 11 grand kids were all together!  I have never had so much fun just watching kids play!  They were constantly going from condo to condo to play with one another.  There is just something about watching cousins play together.  I am truly sad that my boys don't get the chance to be with their cousins more often!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day!  Everyone worked together to put together a feast and we all met in our condo for a great lunch and the best fellowship!  It made me realize that you don't have to have a big house or everything perfect to host people and have a great time.  We may have been short on space but we were big on food, laughs, and fun!:)

We decided to take all of the kids to the beach after lunch...we were just going to let them run and look for can guess how long that lasted!:)

By the time we left the beach they were all soaked from head to toe and they were completely freezing!  I am sure the people we saw on the way back thought we had tortured our children or something! 

Nathan's sisters are so much fun and I always enjoy watching them and Nathan all together!  They make each other laugh and pick on one another any chance they get!  It was really one of the most fun weeks we have ever had!

Next up...the wedding!

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