Friday, November 11, 2011

The wait goes on...

We are still here.  Still waiting on "the call" about our sweet little girl.  With that call will come a face to put with a name, an age, a personality, a story.  It is a day we are anticipating with much joy and hope.  Recently we spoke with our agency and they feel certain that "the call" will happen sometime after the first of the new year.
Most people are wondering why?  Why does this process take so long when there are so many children in need.  While I can't answer all of the questions and even have some myself...I do know that there are steps and a process to go through that does it's best to ensure that children who are truly in need are able to find families who are suitable and safe.  Part of the reason our particular wait is taking so long is because there is a rule in the country we are adopting from that states children must be in an orphanage/babies home for at least 6 months before they are eligible for international adoption.  During those 6 months the babies home is gathering the child's paper work and doing everything in their power to make sure there are no other family members who are able and willing to care for that particular child.

I know all the right answers...I know that God is in control...I know that His timing is perfect...I know that He makes all things (even waiting) beautiful in His time...I know that He already knows where our daughter is, He knows her smile and her heart...none of this is a mystery to Him.  I  know that He holds all things together and I know that waiting on His perfect timing is what I am called to do.  But the truth is I am human and patience is of Him, not of me.  I am continually reminding myself that it is Him and Him alone who can keep my heart in perfect peace.  I pray that we will honor Him in this time of waiting.  I pray that we will take this time to love on our sweet boys and enjoy our moments together as a family of 5.  I am praying that He makes this time into something beautiful!!

I am also praying for our daughter.  A piece of my heart will be missing until she is home.  I am praying that God sends people to hold her, to love her, and whisper His wonders to her.  Much like the Lord sent us this summer to love on the children of Uganda I am praying that God will send others to love on my sweet girl until the time comes when we can hold her in our arms.

We already love you sweet girl...and we pray for you always...can't wait to hold you!

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