Thursday, December 1, 2011

Most fun wedding...EVER!!!

So Britany and Gene get the award for most fun wedding EVER!     They went above and beyond and even made the week before the wedding so special!  They provided us with all kinds of fun including a trip to Ripley's Wonder Works (I totally recommend this place it was so fun for the kids and the adults)!   All of the girls were treated to a massage and pedicures as well!

We also got to  ride to the wedding in a huge hummer limo...all of the kiddos had such a great time taking a little spin in the limo!

The wedding itself was beautiful!  It was my first time to be at a beach wedding and I can certainly see why people get married on the was perfect!  Believe it or not the kids actually walked down the aisle like they were supposed to and actually did ok during the ceremony...well except when Kolson and Pierce thought it would be fun to throw sand on the groom during the vows!:)

The reception was by far the most fun!!  Britany thought of every detail and went out of her way to make it such a fun night for all of the kids.  There was a candy bar with all kinds of candy to chose from.  There was a hot chocolate bar with every type of marshmallow you can image.  She even hired someone from the local zoo to bring out the parrots.  Each of the kiddos got to have their picture taken with a bird on their shoulder!

By far the hit of the night was the kids table that was just loaded with different dress up items for the kids to play with!  There was even a little camera set up for them to take their pictures!  While all of the kiddos thought this was fun it was Karter who loved it the most (imagine that...ha)!
Congrats Britany and Gene!  Thanks for a great week and for making your wedding such a fun experience for all of us!  We love you and wish you all the best as you grow in love!!

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