Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Missing you...

Dear Karty,
I know that you are having the best time with Nonnie and Papaw this week! I know that it is rare for you to get one on one time with them and that the past few days have been a special time. I know that you loved Halloween and you especially loved having Papaw just take you where ever you wanted to go instead of having to wait for your brothers like you would have to here. Yes, I know that you are having a blast and loving all the special attention...but what I know most of all is that we miss you!
While I will admit that the house has been a little quieter and perhaps a little neater, it just isn't the same without you!
We all miss your excitement and passion and the way you make us laugh! I miss your good mornings and your big bear hugs! I miss your sweet smile and the way you say " I wabe you"!
You are loved our little red headed boy...now hurry home ninja Karty!!

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