Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet Janet...

This is my friend Janet.
We met her on our very first day in Uganda.  Evey day Janet travels by boda boda (motorcycle) and then by bus to get to the Kolping hotel where she sets up a little shop to sell jewelry, dresses, purses, baskets etc.

We connected one day when I tried on one of her dresses.  We began to talk about our families and she told me that she was a 3 little was an instant connection.  We boy mamas just have to stick together!(: 

As we talked more I was moved by Janet's great faith.  She began showing me pictures of her 3 boys...the were precious and just a few years older than mine.  Then she pulled out a picture of a 4th little boy.  Janet met Amos on the street one day.  Her heart was immediately drawn to him and she asked him about his story.  Amos' mom had died and he was now living with his older brother who had sent him to the streets to sell nuts.  Amos also had a father but his father was a drunk.  Janet had great compassion for this little boy...he began coming to her house each morning to eat breakfast with her family.  One night after seeing his living conditions Janet came home and got her knees for 3 hours with her 3 boys and they cried out to the Lord for Amos.  When she looked up from praying Amos' brother was coming down the road.  That night he gave Janet permission to take Amos in on a permanent basis.  Talk about an answer to prayer!

Janet and her husband did not stop there.  They decided that it would be best to adopt Amos.  After much prayer Janet found Amos' father and asked permission.  Amos is now thriving in their family.  She told me that you would never even know that he had not been with them all of his life.  Now he is able to attend school and have the love of a mother and father who know the love of Jesus.

Through tears Janet told me that her family had done this not because they were rich but because Christ had so richly blessed their lives and that they wanted to share that blessing.  By this time I was crying with her!

She then pulled out one more picture.  This time it was a teenage girl.  Janet had never even met this teenage girl but she had heard about her and how bright she was but unfortunately could not afford her school fees.  My friend Janet stepped up to sponsor this girl that she still to this day has never even met.

When I asked her how I could pray for her...she began to cry once again.  Her husband Moses has recently lost his job as a driver.

Can you imagine...this sweet family is supporting 4 little boys and sending a teenage girl to school all on what Janet is able to sell in her little shop.

I wish you could meet Janet face to face and see her great faith...the love of Jesus truly radiates from her!  When I left I promised I would pray for her and her family and that I would share her story so that even more people would be praying for her.

So would you join me in praying for my friend Janet and her husband Moses!?!  Please pray that the Lord will provide a vehicle so Moses can drive again.  Pray that Janet can find a more permanent place to sell her things.  Pray for the lives of her 4 sweet boys and the teenage girl who they support.

Thank you in advance!

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