Sunday, August 14, 2011

God even uses Facebook!

I am sure you can tell from my last post that my heart has been captivated by this sweet baby Ruth.  I have spent so many moments whispering prayers for her and wondering how she is.  I have wished over and over that I could just hold her again and see her sweet smile.  Missing her has been one of the hardest parts about coming home.

But God...(oh how I love those words!)

in His sweet mercy used Facebook to bless my heart just 2 nights ago.  I opened my message box to find a message from a girl named Lexi who also loves Ruth with all of her heart!  I was so blessed to find her page and see all of the pictures of my sweet Ruth with her big smile.

 Through Lexi I learned that Ruth has a beautiful sister, Tracy,  who is almost 7 years old.  The girls became total orphans in 2008 when both of their parents drowned in a fishing accident.   My heart breaks for these girls and the loss that they have already endured in their short little lives.
Lexi went on her first trip with Visiting Orphans in March of 2011.  Ruth grabbed her heart right away and God used Ruth to make the orphan crisis real in Lexi's life.  After her trip Lexi felt the Lord calling her to do more.  She has now started a ministry called Muzungu Mama Ministries that exists to share the light of Jesus in Eastern Uganda through loving on children and their families.  In September Lexi is taking a huge leap of faith and moving to Uganda where she will be partnering with To Africa With Love Ministries in Pallisa, Uganda to help children and families that are in need.

While there is a part of my heart that is a little jealous(only because I love her so much:) I am so thankful that Lexi will get to love on Ruth and Tracy on a regular basis since she will be close.  What a sweet blessing that the Lord would allow me to meet Lexi and see her heart for Ruth.  I can't wait to see how God uses Lexi in the lives of these sweet girls!

Please take a minute to visit Lexi's blog and ministry website to learn how you can pray for her as she embarks on this new and exciting journey with the Lord!
Lexi and Ruth


Flo said...

Oh my! I love that God wanted to soothe your heart about Ruth. Maybe you'll need to visit Miss Lexi one day?? This is such a cool story..... said...

So precious....thanks for sharing about MMM and my heart for Ruth and Tracy as well. Love that she was able to get some love from you while you were there! Praying for you and your family!

Janelle said...

He is so faithful to us, even when we are not expecting it! What a blessing to hear that Ruth has been able to, and will be able to receive love from others as well. I am sure she will remember each of you ladies who loved her (if only for a week) all her life!!
Rejoicing with you and so proud of you Jenna!!