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I know so many mamas who joke about being desperate for tomorrow to come.  What is tomorrow?  The first day of school! These mamas are ready to get things back into a routine and ready for a little bit of a break (I haven't quite reached desperation level but check back with me when we hit the teenage years!).

As we laid out school clothes tonight and talked about what we would have for our "first day of school breakfast".  I could help but think of some other mamas that I know who are truly desperate.

These mamas are desperate for their children just to have the opportunity to go to school.  I have met with these women...I have seen the tears in their eyes as they asked if knew of any solutions for this great problem.
This woman was so desperate for her daughter to have a better chance at life that she tried to give her to one of our team members.

You see in Uganda, like in many other countries, school is not something children "have" to go is something children "get" to go to.  And only those who can afford it "get" to go.

 faces of children who don't get the opportunity to go to school

In Uganda school is not just a formality it is a must if you plan on getting a job.  In order to be a driver, or a cashier, a hotel worker, or even a maid you must attend school.  For those children whose families are not able to send them to school there is little hope of ever getting out of their current state of poverty.

Those children who do indeed get the opportunity to go do not take it lightly.  I watched as the kiddos from Canaan's would come home each day and take their one and only uniform off and change into other clothes just to keep their uniform for as long as possible (many of them wore ripped on tattered uniforms).  I watched as they each protected their little pencil box that contained only 1 pencil and sometimes a razor blade to sharpen it with.  One of the girls I spent time with showed me her school notebooks...I was amazed at the care she took as she got them out and handed them gently to me. 

 Gloria, Eunice, and Ruth...3 children who have the chance to go to school

Every child at Canaan's is going to school because someone sponsors them.  They are each so thankful for their sponsor and the opportunity they have to attend school.

 Children at Canaan's Primary school enjoying their morning break

Canaan's School Moto and Misssion

I have seen it first hand...sponsorship makes a difference!

Giving one child the chance to go to school could change an entire entire village maybe.

Sponsoring one child to go to school through SixtyFeet gives that child time away from the prison and the hope of a brighter future.

 Patrick...a boy at one of the prisons that would love to go to school

Sponsoring one child through Amazima gives that one child a chance to go to school and eat 2 meals a day, plus a time of bible study on Saturdays where they are fed and given food to take home for dinners.

Mutessi...a 4 year old orphan who gets the chance to go to school and be fed because of a sponsor through Amazima
faces of the children waiting outside of the gate to Amazima...they just need a sponsor.

Sponsoring one child through My Father's House/Royal Hope Academy gives one child the chance to go to school in a place where Jesus is King and they learn to worship Him in ways that I have never experienced in my 30 years, as well as 2 meals a day.

Children at Royal Hope Academy eager to learn even though they had the day off!

Sponsoring one child through Canaan's gives that child a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, aunties and uncles to look after them, and the chance to attend school.

All of the children who attend Canaan's Baby School lined up for their morning porridge.

God may or may not be calling you to action in the way of sponsorship.  I can tell you that I have seen each of these ministries first hand and I have complete faith that money sent to any of these ministries will be used not only to send children to school but to teach them about Jesus their true provider.

While he may not call everyone to sponsor or adopt or go across the world I am certain that he has called us a believers to lift up our brothers and sister across the world in prayer.  So would you join me tomorrow as we send our precious little ones off to school...would you commit to pray for the desperate mamas and dads around the world who just want an opportunity for their children.  Pray about what He may be calling you to do as we seek to love not only in word but also in action (1 John 3:18)

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