Monday, May 9, 2011

Lions and Tigers and BOYS, Oh my!!!

This week Nathan and I have the incredible opportunity to go to the annual Orphan Summit in Louisville, Kentucky.  We are so excited to be have this chance to get away and learn together!  I am praying that God teaches us in ways we can't even imagine!  I am so thrilled that we were able to find a way for Nathan to come too...nothing better than growing in the Lord with your sweetheart!!

But with Nathan and I both going that leaves a pretty big problem...well 3 problems to be exact!:)  What to do with the destroyers K-crew?  Since my mom is busy and she is the usually only one who is crazy enough able to tackle all three of our little cuties we decided to do the most logical thing.  Farm them out!!  That's right we have all 3 boys going to different locations.  As a matter of fact we decided it would be best to have 2 different people on each kid!

Why in the world would be need 6 people to take care of 3 boys for a few days?? Well, I could explain it to you but they say a picture is worth a thousand words so...

Egg beaters on the rug...compliments of sweet Kolson

Forget the Chocolate milk...I will just drink the syrup!

Wall Art...compliments of Karty boy

You just thought your toddler tried to climb on everything!
All of the above "incidents" occurred while I was simply making lunch or changing to clothes out of the washer...Lions and Tigers and BOYS, oh my!!

(Can I just pause here and admit that there are many days when I seriously consider going back to work just so our house will stay standing longer...more time destroying the daycare means less time destroying the house!!:)

So, if you happen to think about us this week, would you remember to say a prayer for my boys and the crazy gracious  people who will be caring for them!!

Thanks in advance!

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